BIT's 9th Annual International Congress of Cardiology-2017
★ Program Layout

Stream 1: Advanced Diagnostic Technologies and Methods for Cardiovascular Diseases
Session 101: Echocardiography
Session 102: CT and MRI
Session 103: Cardiac Nuclear Imaging and Biomarkers

Stream 2: Innovations in the Treatment of Heart and Vascular Disease

Session 201: Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke
Session 202: Coronary Heart Disease
Session 203: Heart Failure
Session 204: Arrhythmias
Session 205: Cardiomyopathies
Session 206: Cardiac Valves Disease
Session 207: Hypertension
Session 208: Atherosclerosis/Lipids and Cardiovascular Risk Management
Session 209: Peripheral Arterial Disease/Venous Thromboembolic Disease/Pulmonary Vascular Disease (Part I)
Session 209: Peripheral Arterial Disease/Venous Thromboembolic Disease/Pulmonary Vascular Disease (Part II)
Session 210: Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease/ Cardiovascular Disease in Women and the Elderly
Session 211: Cardiac Tumors and Congenital Heart Disease
Session 212: Devices Used in Cardiology

Stream 3: Medicine Solutions for Cardiovascular Disease
Session 301: Cardiovascular Pharmacology and New Cardiovascular Drugs
Session 302: Signaling Mechanisms and Drug Discovery
Session 303: Transplantation / Regeneration / Cardiovascular Engineering

Stream 4: Cardiac Surgery
Session 401: Cardiac Interventional Therapy and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery
Session 402: Endovascular Interventions

Stream 5: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
Session 501: Prevention, Epidemiology/Public health
Session 502: Diet, Lifestyle, Exercise and CVD Prevention
Session 503: Non-Cardiac Surgery Cardiovascular Risk and Cardiac Emergencies

Stream 6: Cardiovascular Nursing

Session 601: Cardiac Nursing and Perioperative Management

Social & Cultural Activities
Activity 1: Welcome Banquet and Art Performance
Activity 2: Cocktail Party
Activity 3: Field Trip to Industry Park/Universities
Activity 4: Local Impression Tour

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