The 3rd Annual International Congress of Biotherapy-Taizhou 2019
Highlights of the Conference

●  Wisdom Leadership by International Nobel Prize Laureate
●  Gathering Leading Experts from Global Professional Fields
●  Gain Comprehensive Experiences from Enriching Contents
●  Academic Communications and Industry Exhibitions Complement Each Other
●  Perfect Matching between Technical Achievements and Industrial Parks

About the Conference

As a satellite meeting of the 3rd Annual International Congress of Biotherapy (ICB-2019), ICB-Taizhou combining the 10th China (Taizhou) International Medical Expo, will be held during September 16-18, 2019, Taizhou, China. On the basis of the successful holding of previous conferences, ICB-Taizhou will gather clearer objectives, more authoritative attendees, more professional topics and more precise content. It aims to create the most representative international conference on biotherapy in the Asia-Pacific region. The conference will attract 500+ entrepreneurs, experts, scholars, financiers, investors, delegates of international organizations and governments from more than 40 countries and regions around the world in many fields, such as biology, medicine, economy and investment. Moreover, nearly 300 foreign experts and entrepreneurs enhance the conference internationalization, which is up to 50%.

Renowned Speakers of Previous ICB Events
Dr. Mingde Xia
Senior Director
Johnson & Johnson Asia Pacific innovation center, China
Dr. Jacques Dumas
Sanofi, France
Dr. Jinghe Xu
Deputy Director
State Drug Administration, China
Dr. Thomas J. Webster
Art Zafirpoulo Chair
Northeastern University, USA
Dr. Steven J. Swanson
Senior Vice President
Immuno Cellular Therapeutics, Ltd., USA
Dr. Fangliang Zhang
GenScript Biotech Corp., China
Dr. Victor Levitsky
Vice President & Head
Molecular Partners AG, Switzerland
Ms. Robin Barbour
Prothena Corporation, USA
Mr. Scott Ohanesian
Senior Vice President
QuickSTAT - Global Life Science Logistics, USA
Dr. Fatih M. Uckun
Chief Medical Officer
Oncotelic, Inc., USA
Dr. David Rabuka
Global Head of R&D
Catalent Biologics, USA
Dr. Xun Zhu
Professor & Dean
Jilin University, China
Mr. Nick Zhang
Chairman & CEO
QIAGEN (Suzhou) Translational Medicine Co. Ltd., China
Dr. Jeiwook Chae
Chief Business Development Officer & Vice President
LegoChem Biosciences Inc., South Korea
Dr. Sven Loebrich
Senior Development Scientist
ImmunoGen Inc, USA
Dr. Jing Li
Senior Vice President
WuXi Biologics, China
Dr. Dan Zhang
Chairman & CEO
Fountain Medical Development Ltd., China
Jr. William R. Alley
Senior Scientist
Waters Corp., USA
Dr. Cuiying Shao
Vice President
GenScript Biotech Corp., China
Dr. Kechun Li
Beijing Yusen Equity Investment Company, Ltd., China
Dr. Jing Li
Pharmacodia, China
Dr. Youling Wu
Zhejiang Teruisi Pharmacuticals Inc., China
Dr. Danyi Wen
Shanghai Lide Biotechnology Co., Ltd., China
Dr. Qun (Max) Dang
Vice President of R&D
Qilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China
Introduction to Taizhou

The four cultural treasures of Taizhou, namely history, local opera, customs and business can all be seen along the Fengcheng River. It is a 6650 meter long moat that protected Taizhou from enemy invaders. Currently, the Fengcheng River Scenic Area has become a natural ecological area of the modern city. Taizhou Old Street, the Peach Garden, the Sea-watching scenic area also on the river front, among many other attractions. To have a holistic view, you may be interested in taking a night boat around the ancient moat, the ride showcases Taizhou’s intangible cultural heritage.
Qiao Garden: Located at the central area of Taizhou City, Qiao Garden is a typical Chinese classical garden built during Ming Dynasty, 1500s’. With over 500 years of history, Qiao Garden is regarded as the oldest classical garden within northern Jiangsu Province. Walking inside the garden, you’ll see exquisite gardens filled with all kinds of pavilions, houses, rockeries, ponds, and bonsais.
Qinhu Lake National Wetland Park: It is 26 square kilometers large and is one of the National 5A attractions of China. There are altogether 153 species of wild plants and 97 species of wild animals (including rare red-crowned cranes and Pere David's deer). Once there, trails will take you through the lands where animal spotting and bird watching are moments of fun and ease. Women pilot the boat and sing traditional songs. The ride takes you through the forest and into a small tea house. Snacks and tea are specialties. You'll enjoy tasting some of Taizhou’s ginkgo seeds, tomatoes and nuts. Many festivals are held here, including a Boating Festival, Gourmet Festival and Ecological Festival.
China Medical City (CMC), aka the Taizhou National Medical High-tech Development Zone, with a central planned area spanning 30 square kilometers, is a national-level high-tech development zone focusing on Biomedical research & development, manufacturing and commercialization. Situated in the City of Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, CMC is rapidly developed into a fully integrated “City” consisting of such functional areas as Research & Development, Production & Manufacturing, Convention /Exhibition & Trade, Medical & Health Services, Education & Teaching, and Administration & Residential Areas.

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Foreign Talent Research Center, MOST
China Biopharma Parks Cluster Alliance(CBCA)
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National Foreign Experts Databank of MOST (Dalian Branch)
China Association of Technology Entrepreneurs
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