BIT's 10th Annual International Congress of Antibodies (ICA-2018)
★ Organizing Committee

Hosting Organization
BIT Group Global Ltd.

Executive Chair 
Dr. Xiaodan Mei, President of BIT Group Global Ltd. 


Executive Co-Chair

John Xu, MD, MBA, MS, Sr. SVP of Strategic Alliance, USA


Section Chairs
Dr. Bo Yu, Co-founder and CSO, Larix Bioscience, LLC, USA
Dr. Deirdre E. Sanders, Principal, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds, USA
Dr. Francesc Mitjans, Chief Scientific Officer, Lykera Biomed, USA
Dr. Jeiwook Chae, CBO, LegoChem Biosciences, South Korea
Dr. Jeffrey W. Froude, Science and Technology Manager, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), USA
Dr. Kelly Y. Zhou, Chief Scientific Officer, AbboMax, Inc, USA

Dr. Omid Vafa, Chief Business Officer, TENEObio, Inc., USA


Local Committee Members
Ms. Monica Wu, Ms. Jenny Zhang, Ms. Junxian Wei, Ms. Dannie Shen, Ms. Amy Guo

News Updates
Executive Co-Chair

John Xu
SVP of Strategic Alliance, USA
Hosting Organization
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