BIT's 10th Annual International Congress of Antibodies (ICA-2018)

● Designing 100+ Sessions of Scientific Forums, Symposia, Roundtables, Dialogs, Workshops, And Training Courses Covering Top Trends and Advances in Biotherapeutic R & D
● Inviting Worldwide Distinguished Experts, Investors, And Decision Makers in the Areas of Protein R & D for the Grand Thought Collision from 50+ Countries
● Shooting for 500+ Oral Presentations and Hot Paper Briefing in Whole Spectrum of Breakthroughs in Biopharmaceutical R & D from both Industry and Academia
● Gathering 50+ Exhibitors in Cutting-Edge Technologies and Novel Bioproducts
● Bring in up to 1000 Distinguished Participants All Together in Fields of Immunotherapy, such as Antibody and Vaccines, Gene Therapy, Cell Therapy and protein therapeutics to Knowledge Mall, Miami
● Bringing in 10+ Professional Media Supporters
● Scheduling 4+ Sessions of Business & Career Development, And Talent Search
● Multi-Zones of Poster Show and Exhibitions of New Finding, New IP, New Tech and New Products
● 2-3 Interactive Events to Enhance the Professional Network and Matchmaking
●One Annual Report Release/Peers Review on Current Trend, Economic Value, Scientific Breakthroughs and Future Directions on Biotherapeutic R & D

Confirmed Keynote Speakers
说明: 3359825024 Dr. Steven J. Swanson
Senior Vice President, ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd., USA

Dr. Thomas J. Webster

Art Zafirpoulo Chair, Chair Department of Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University, USA

Ms. Robin Barbour

Head, Prothena Corporation, USA

Dr. Jing Li
Senior Vice President, WuXi Biologics, China

Dr. William R. Alley

Jr., Senior Scientist, Waters Corp., USA

Dr. Steven J. Swanson
Dr. Swanson has over 25 years of experience in the biotechnology industry and is Senior Vice President, Research for ImmunoCellular Therapeutics in Westlake Village, CA. His work at ImmunoCellular is focused on development of new immunotherapies including dendritic cells and a novel stem-to-T cell approach. Prior to joining ImmunoCellular, he was an independent consultant advising biopharmaceutical companies on basic immunology research, bioanalytical procedures, immunogenicity assessment, regulatory affairs and product quality. Dr. Swanson spent 15 years at Amgen as Executive Director and Department Head for Clinical Immunology, a then-new department providing immunogenicity and cytometry support for all of Amgen's therapeutic proteins.  Prior to Amgen, he led the immunoassay laboratory for 8 years in the Biotechnology department at Schering Plough Research Institute. Dr. Swanson has been actively involved in multiple industry professional associations, including the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), where he is a Fellow, and was a co-author of AAPS-sponsored Industry White Papers that were incorporated into FDA and EMA Guidance for Immunogenicity Assessment. He was also an industry representative for the EMA Committee that developed the first Immunogenicity Recommendations, and was engaged by the FDA to train reviewers on immunogenicity assessment. Dr. Swanson has authored more than 60 publications.

Dr. Thomas J. Webster
Thomas J. Webster (H index: 82) is the Chemical Engineering Department Char and Art Zafiropoulo Endowed Chair at Northeastern University in Boston. Prof. Webster has graduated 144 students. His lab group published 9 textbooks, 48 book chapters, 403 articles, and 32 provisional/full patents. Prof. Webster has received numerous honors: 2012, Fellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering; 2013, Fellow, Biomedical Engineering Society; 2015, Wenzhou 580 Award; 2015, Zheijang 1000 Talent Program; 2016, IMRC Chinese Academy of Science Lee-Hsun Lecture Award; 2016, Fellow, Biomaterials Science and Engineering; 2016, Acta Biomaterialia Silver Award; and 2017, Fellow, National Academy of Inventors. He has started over 12 companies with several FDA approved medical devices based on nanomedicine. He also frequently appears on the BBC, NBC, ABC, Fox, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and many other news outlets talking about science.

Ms. Robin Barbour
Robin has been involved in the development of monoclonal antibodies for over 25 years. At Elan, she headed the group that developed both the murine version of natalizumab for Multiple Sclerosis and Bapineuzumab for Alzheimer’s Disease. In addition, she holds several patents in assay methods for Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Immunogenicity monitoring. She is currently Senior Director of Antibody and Assay Development at Prothena Biosciences, a company spun out from Elan Pharmaceuticals in 2012. Her group responsible for both discovery and characterization of novel antibodies for the potential treatment of a broad range of diseases that involve protein mis-folding or cell adhesion, and development of assays for pK, ADA and Biomarkers to support Prothena’s preclinical and clinical development efforts.

Dr. Jing Li
Dr. Jing Li is currently the Senior Vice President of WuXi Biologics, leading the Biologics Discovery Division.
He joined WuXiAppTec in 2013 as Vice President of Biologics Discovery. Since then Dr. Li has formed a first class biologics drug discovery team in China, built up proprietary multiple comprehensive biologics drug discovery platforms, established the working process from target all the way to IND filing, and serviced both domestic and global clients by this open, fully integrated biologics R&D platform. Two programs have been approved for clinical trials in China. One program has recently been successfully out-licensed along with partner to an US Biotech with aggregated payments of $816mm.  Before joining WuXiAppTec, he worked in Novartis Biologics Center as Senior Manager of Portfolio & Alliance Management. Before that, he worked in Novartis Oncology as Lab Head and Program Team Head. Prior to Novartis, he worked in Wyeth (now Pfizer) as Senior Scientist and Project Leader. He received his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees in molecular immunology and oncology from Peking University Health Science Center (the former Beijing Medical University), and MBA degree from Yale University School of Management. He has more than 20+ years of professional experience in antibody engineering and 17+ years of industry experience in drug discovery and development.

William Alley
Dr. William Alley is a senior scientist working in the global marketing division of Waters Corp. He has significant experience in using MS and LC-MS for the analysis of glycans, glycopeptides and glycoproteins and focuses on detailed analyses of various glycoconjugates associated with biotherapeutics at Waters. William earned his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Indiana University under the direction of Professor Milos Novotny and performed post-doctoral research in the same laboratory. Before joining Waters in 2015, he was an assistant profess of chemistry at The University of Texas-San Antonio.

Program Layout

Please click on the subjects under preliminary program to learn more about speaker’s profile and their presentations. Time arrangement is subject to change without notice. Please take the final program as the standard.

BIT’s 2nd Annual International Congress of Biotherapy
Path 1:  Main Conference
-Vision from the World Leaders in Combating Major Diseases
Path 2: Biodiscovery Harbor
-Advances in Preclinical Research of Biotherapy
Path 3: Industrial Innovator’s Hub
-Next Big Things in Biopharma Development
Path 4: Fastest Growing Enterprise Nexus
-New Champions in Emerging Biopharmaceutical Industry
Path 5: Mind Lab
-Your Career and Your Business
Path 6: Silkroad Partnership Post
-What R & B Can Offer New Opportunities for Biopharma World
Path 7: Biotherapeutic Bazaar
-Posters and Exhibits
Path 8: Joyful Commune
-Sharing the Diversities for Common Interests
Special Events
- Anniversary of BIT’s Twin conferences in Antibody and Vaccine

BIT’s 10th Anniversary of International Congress of Antibody
Joint-Keynote Forum with ICB-2018
Stream 1: Global Update on Antibodies Market Trends and Industry Strategies Stream 2: Next-Generation Antibodies
Stream 3: Antibodies for Cancer Therapy Stream 4: New Antibodies for Other Major Diseases
Stream 5: New Achievements in Antibody Research Stream 6: Antibody Engineering and Production
Past Renowned Speakers
说明: Dr. Weikang Tao, Vice President and CEO of R&D Center, Jiangsu Henrui Medicine Co., Ltd., China 说明: Dr. Madi Madiyalakan, CEO, Quest PharmaTech Inc., Canada 说明: Dr. Dan Zhang, Chairman and CEO, Fountain Medical Development Ltd. China
Dr. Patrick Liu, Vice President, Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd., USA Dr. Jose de Chastonay, Chief Marketing Officer, Bachem Holding AG, Switzerland Dr. Vadim T. Ivanov, Professor, Director, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Dr. Priyabrata Pattnaik, Director of Worldwide Vaccine Initiative, Merck, Singapore 说明: Dr. Andrew Wang, Chairman, Taiwan Antibody Association, Taiwan 说明: Dr. Liangzhi Xie, Founder & CEO, Sino Biological Inc., China
说明: Dr. Dimiter S Dimitrov, Head, National Cancer Institute, USA 说明: Dr. Chien-Hsing Ken Chang, Vice President, Research and Development, Immunomedics, Inc., USA 说明: Dr. Michael Yu, Presidert, Innovent Biologics, Inc., China
Dr. Paul Chapman, Head of Biopharm Process Solutions, EMD Millipore, USA Dr. Scott P Carmer, Chief Operating Officer, NexImmune Inc., USA Dr. Peter A. Ward, Stobbe Professor of Pathology, University of Michigan Health Systems, USA
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ICB-2018 & ICA-2018 & WCV-2018 provides an ideal platform to showcase your new technologies and products in Miami, USA. It is developed to maximize your exposure, generate new leads, build brand awareness, and solidify business relations.

ICB-2018 & ICA-2018 & WCV-2018 is one of the most effective international marketing platforms in the field of Biotherapy, Antibody and Vaccine, which offers a wide range of sponsoring categories for branding and highlighting your company in order to achieve the best publicity.

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