BIT'S 9th Annual World Congress of Industrial Biotechnology-2016
About ibio-2016

The 9th Annual World Congress of Industrial Biotechnology (ibio-2016) is dedicated to the dissemination of advanced knowledge in all areas of Industrial Biotechnology. It is designed to let scientists and business executives from the different fields of biotechnology to present their latest work.
During the event, we will set up a serious of activities such as scientific programs, exhibitions, posters, project docking, investment promotion meeting, etc. We hope this most influential meeting during the past 8 years will leave you a deep impression, and you could find what you need and get the best cooperation opportunity here.

  • Exchange ideas and expand network with leading biotechnologists and decision makers.
  • Cultivate alliance with top international biotechnology professionals presenting cutting-edge discoveries, research and opportunities for new biotech business practices and partnerships.
  • Provide the brighter prospects to have direct access to a core audience of biotechnology professionals and decision makers to augment the visibility of their brands at the conference.
Renowned Speakers
“Jerold Martin, Pall Life Sciences, Biopharmaceuticals”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Jerold Martin,
Senior Vice President Global Scientific Affairs, Pall Life Sciences, Biopharmaceuticals, USA
“Peter Nagler,   Evonik Industries AG”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Peter Nagler,
Chief Innovation Officer, Evonik Industries AG, Germany
“Axel Ullrich,  Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Axel Ullrich,
Professor and Director, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Germany Dr. SunghoonPark,
Professor, Pusan National University, South Korea
JLaplazaWS Dr. Jose Laplaza,
VP Development and Program Director, Verdezyne, USA
“Muhammad Saghir,   European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI)”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Muhammad Saghir,
EBRI Plant Manager, European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI), UK
“Paolo Taddei Pardelli,  Spike Renewables Srl”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Paolo Taddei Pardelli,
Managing Director, Spike Renewables Srl, Italy
“Helge Holm-Larsen,  Biogasol”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Helge Holm-Larsen,
Director of Business Development, Biogasol, Denmark
Dr. Robert Moreau,
Research Leader, Sustainable Biofuels and Coproducts Research Unit, Eastern Regional Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture, USA
“Yi Zheng,  Clemson University”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Yi Zheng,
Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences (EEES), Clemson University, USA
“Pierluigi Picciotti,  BetaRenewables”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Pierluigi Picciotti,
Business Development Director Asia Pacific, BetaRenewables, Singapore
“Nhuan (John)Nghiem,  US Department of Agriculture”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Nhuan (John)Nghiem,
Research Chemical Engineer/Lead Scientist, US Department of Agriculture, USA
Dr. Tae Hyun Kim,
Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering, Kongju National University, South Korea
“Byung Hwan Um,   National University”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Byung Hwan Um,
Associate Professor,Hankyong National University,South Korea
“Laszlo Muszbek,  University of Debrecen”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Laszlo Muszbek,
Director, Clinical Research Center, University of Debrecen, Hungary
Dr. Byeong-ryool Jeong,
Research Professor, KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), South Korea
“Neil P. Sheth  University of Pennsylvania”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Neil P. Sheth,
Director, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Mr. Eberhart Wusterhaus Gomez,
International Business Manager, Schmack Carbotech GmbH, Germany
Dr. Toshinori Kimura,
Professor, Hokkaido University; President, Japan Society of Biomass Industries, Japan
Dr. Hassan Zahouani,
Professor, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France
“Thibault Lesaffre,  Novasep Process SAS”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Thibault Lesaffre,
Market Director Fermentation & Chemical Commodities, Novasep Process SAS, France
“Michael Lutz,   LifeCodexx AG”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Michael Lutz,
CEO, LifeCodexx AG, USA Dr. Katarzyna Chojnacka,
Professor, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
“Izabela Michalak,  Wrocław University of Technology”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Izabela Michalak,
Lecturer, Department of Advanced Material Technologies, Wrocław University of Technology, Poland
“Syed Ubaidullah Hussainy,  Victoria University”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Syed Ubaidullah Hussainy,
Professor, Victoria University, Australia
“Giulia Guerriero,  'Federico II' University of Naples”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Giulia Guerriero,
Associate Professor, "Federico II" University of Naples, Italy
“Ahmed Al-Fahad,   Al Baha University”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Ahmed Al-Fahad,
Assistant Professor, Al Baha University, Saudi Arabia
“Anna Trusek-Holownia, Wroclaw University of Technology”的图片搜索结果 Dr. Anna Trusek-Holownia,
Associate Professor, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
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