BIT's 8th World Congress of Industrial Biotechnology
★ Scientific Program
BIT’s 8th Annual World Congress of

Industrial Biotechnology-2015

Theme: Inovative Biotechnology for Green Bio-economy
Time: April 25-28, 2015

Venue: Nanjing International Youth Conference Hotel (NIYCH), Nanjing, China

Scientific Program
Keynote Forum Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3 Stream 4 Stream 5 ISIM-2015


2nd Annual Symposium of Industrial Microbiology (ISIM-2015)
Time: 13:30 – 16:45, April 26th, 2015 (Sunday) ; Place: Room No.708, 7th Floor, NIYCH

Chair: Dr. Zhiyong Huang, Deputy Director, Tianjin Key Laboratory for Industrial Biological Systems and Bioprocessing Engineering, Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, CAS, China

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13:30-13:35 Chair's Introduction
13:35-14:00 Title: Solid State Fermentation in Food Industry
Dr. Lisa Ong Gaik Ai,
Assistant Professor, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman,Malaysia
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14:00-14:25 Title: Bioactive Secondary Metabolites from  Aspergillus tamarii MM11
Dr. Mohammad Magdy El-Metwally,
Assistant Professor, Mycology Lab. Botany and Microbiology Department, Faculty of Science, Damanhour University, Damanhour,Egypt
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14:25-14:50 Title: Perfusion Cultivation Processes for Monoclonal Antibody Production in Animal Cell Culture Technology: Cell Separation
Dr. rer. nat. Elsayed Ahmed Elsayed,
Assistant Professor of Industrial Biotechnology
Bioproducts Research Chair, Zoology Department, College of Science, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
14:50-15:15 Title: Systematic Approaches for Studying the Metabolism of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Clinical Isolates
Dr. Rigobeto Rios, Professor, The National University of Colombia, The University of Antioquia, Colombia
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15:15-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-15:55 Title: Solid Cultures as Tools for Cell Physiology Research: Case Studies on Entomopathogenic Fungi
Dr. Octavio Loera,
Head of the Department of Biotechnology, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico
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15:55-16:20 Title: Fate of Ochrobactrum sp. as Biofertilizer: Promoting Growth Characteristics and Colonization in the Complex Field Soil Environment
Dr. Zhiyong Huang,
Deputy Director, Tianjin Key Laboratory for Industrial Biological Systems and Bioprocessing Engineering, Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, CAS, China
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16:20-16:45 Title: Moringa Oleifera Extract Modulates the Expression of Fertility Related Genes and Elevation of Calcium Ions in Sheep Oocytes
Dr. Ibrahim A. H. Barakat,
Associate Professor of Embryology and Genetics, Zoology Department, College of Science, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia



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China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Nanjing Municipal Government
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Information Research Center of International Talent, SAFEA

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Economic Information Department, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Nanjing Economic and Information Commission

The Bureau of the Nanjing Food and Drug Administration

Nanjing Municipal Investment Promotion Commission

Nanjing Municipal Health Bureau

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Nanjing Sub-Council

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Renowned Speakers
Dr. Charlie Xu,
Sr, Director, Clinical Development, BioSciKin Inc, China
Dr. Charles Zhou,
President, Chairman and CEO, Cascade Clean Energy, Inc., USA
Mr. Richard Fish,
President, Alter Nrg Corp., Canada
Dr. Yom-Tov Samia,
President and CEO, IC Green Energy LTD, Israel
Dr. Roland A. Jansen,
CEO, Biomass Partners Ltd.; Director Biomass Investments, Green Investment Solutions Holding PLC, Switzerland
Dr. Paul O'Connor,
Founder, BIOeCON, The Netherlands
Dr. Surajit Khanna,
Chairman and CEO, BARD Holding, Inc, USA
Dr. Jing Liu,
CCo-founder,Owner, CTO, Bioprocess Control AB, Sweden
Dr. Virginia Klausmeier,
CEO and Co-founder, Sylvatex Biofuels, USA
Dr. Salee Amina Mohammed,
Co-owner, Royal Green Bio-Tech; President, Domino Dynamics, USA
Dr. Daniel Siegel,
VP Technology & IP Assessment, FuturaGene, Ltd., Israel
Dr. Xujin Lu,
Senior Principal Scientist, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, USA
Dr. Silvan de Boer,
Senior Sustainability Officer, Eneco, The Netherlands
Dr. Giulio Tarro,
DPresident, Foundation T. & L. de Beaumont Bonelli for cancer research, Italy
Dr. Ronald Zwart,
Director Biomass Consultancy and Project Development, CKade BV, The Netherlands
Dr. Rajesh C Shrotriya,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc., USA
Ms. Vivian Lee,
Managing Director, Aqua Partners LLC, USA
Dr. Ying Ji,
Vice President, Paritic Inc, USA
Dr. Richard Hurding,
CEO, Zelfo Technology GmbH; Owner. Omodo GmbH, Germany
Mr. Rowan Williams,
Regional Market Development Manager - Advocacy, BASF Australia Limited, Australia
Dr. Eyal S Ron,
CTO,Gelesis, USA
Dr. Christophe Reuzeau,
Senior Licensing Manager ASIA Pacific, CropDesign BASF Plant Science, Belgium
Dr. Narender Nehra,
Director, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, USA
Dr. Dotan Peleg,
CEO, Morflora, Israel
Dr. Henning Trozelli,
Director, Dow AgroSciences LLC, USA
Dr. John Baker,
President, Alan Environmental, LLC, USA
Mr. John Williams,
President & CEO, In-Pipe Technology Company, USA
Dr. Kasiviswanathan Muthukumarappan,
Professor, South Dakota State University, USA
Dr. Donghai Wang,
Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Kansas State University, USA
Dr. Syed Ubaidullah Hussainy,
Professor, Victoria University, Australia
Dr. Jutta Geldermann,
Professor, Vice-Dean of the Faculty, Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen, Germany
Prof. Dr. Dr. Rolf G. Werner,
Professor Industrial Biotechnology, University of Tuebingen, Germany
Dr. Jamil Baghdachi,
Professor, Eastern Michigan University, USA
Dr. Xiuzhi Susan Sun,
University Distinguished Professor, Kansas State University, USA
Dr. José Kenny,
Professor, University of Perugia, Italy
Dr. Ray T. Chen,
Professor, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Dr. Somenath Mitra,
Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Pedro Alvarez,
Professor and Chair, Rice University, USA
Dr. Daniel Y.C. Fung,
Professor, Kansas State University, USA
Dr. Dewey D. Y. Ryu,
Professor, University of California, USA
Dr. Xiucai Liu, Founder,
Chairman & CEO, Cathay Industrial Biotech Ltd., China

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