BIT’s 1st Annual Conference of Quantum World-2017(CQW-2017)
★ Program Layout
BIT’s 1st Annual Conference of Quantum World-2017

Time: October 16-18, 2017
Venue: Changsha, Hunan, China

Part 1: Opening Ceremony

Part 2: Parallel Meetings

Dimension 1: Quantum Physics and Mechanics
Forum 101: Condensed Matter  
Forum 102: Quantum Physics  


Dimension 2: Quantum Optics
Forum 201: Laser, Nonlinear Optics, Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis 
Forum 202: Light quantum, Photon, and Single-Photon
Forum 203: Quantum Electronics and Devices


Dimension 3: Quantum Chemistry
Forum 301: Structure Chemistry, Electronic Structure
Forum 302: Molecular Dynamics
Forum 303: Reactive Collisions, Chemical Reactions, and Catalysis  


Dimension 4: Quantum Information Science
Forum 401: Quantum Computing, Measurement, Quantum Mathematics and Quantum Computers

Forum 402: Quantum Communications and Quantum Cryptography

News Updates

· Warm welcome to Plenary Keynote Speaker-Dr. Qiuhe Peng, known as “Main Academic Leader in China's Nuclear Astrophysics”, Professor of Nanjing University in China!
· Warm welcome to Plenary Keynote Speaker- Dr. Masahiro Yamashita, Professor, of Tohoku University in Japan (and Concurrent Professor, Nanjing University, China; Zhenjiang University, China; Cagliari University, Italy. Associate Editor of Dalton Transactions)!
· Many thanks to College Of Information Engineering, Shanghai Maritime University to be Supporting Organization!
· Scientific program has been released!
· Speaking proposals can be submitted right now to !
· Online Register to confirm your participation now!
· Warm welcome to Plenary Keynote Speaker- Dr. Mark Fromhold, Professor, University of Nottingham, UK
· Warm welcome to Plenary Keynote Speaker- Dr. Nai-Chang Yeh, Professor, California Institute of Technology, USA

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Information Research Center of
International Talent, China State
Administration of Foreign Experts
Affairs, China

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College Of Information Engineering, Shanghai Maritime University, China

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