Our Team


BD Director

Jason Wang

+86 411 84799609 Ext.827    jason@bitlifesciences.com

Jason came to BIT Congress in 2010. With 5-year professional experience in business development, he ensures the highest quality standards in the development of the department communication and marketing strategy. He takes lead in market research for strategic directions for exhibitions and conferences brands future development as well as lead the team to accomplish the future sales and branding goals.


DMC Manager

Fay Ren

+86 411 84799609 Ext.827    fay@bitlifesciences.com

After graduating with a Master of Science Degree from Hamline University of Saint Paul, United States, Fay entrenched herself in MICE industry providing top-rated destination management services to international corporations. Her aptitude in event marketing prepared her for understanding and serving the unique needs of BIT partners.


Overseas Exhibition Manager

Joy Mu

+86 411 84799609 Ext.827    joymu@bitlifesciences.com

Before joining BIT Congress, Joy had rich experience in marketing and sales in MICE industry, which gives her full awareness of the market and well understanding of the overseas exhibition business. Her job includes negotiating with organizers for best cooperative conditions as executive agent, crafting brochure and invitation letter, following up booth application and construction process, helping with all the possible details for organizers and exhibitors in between.


Media Relations Specialist

Cici Gao

+86 411 84799609 Ext.827    CiCi@bitlifesciences.com

With her MSc. in International Events Management at University of Surrey, UK, Cici is exclusively dedicated in events affairs. Her responsibilities include Media partnership development, social media development and website maintenance etc. Cici’s professional and educational background allows her to maintain good relations with various media outlets, business partners, clients, and other stakeholders in the global events industry.


Assistant BD Manager

Allen Gang

+86 411 84799609 Ext.827    allen@bitlifesciences.com

Allen received his master’s degree in Applied Finance from University of Adelaide, Australia in 2015. His major is a natural fit in his new role as an Event Management Executive, as he possesses an innate interest in people and the ability to create meaningful, successful relationships with colleagues and clients.


Executive Search Specialist

Maxine Wang

+86 411 84799609 Ext.827    maxine@bitlifesciences.com

With her M.Sc. in Human Resource Management at University of Birmingham, U.K, Maxine’s responsibilities include executive search, event marketing, and overseas venue negotiation. Her educational background in human resources allows her to work well with various stakeholders thus to promote our business.


Korea Regional Account Manager

Edward Zeng

+86 411 84799609 Ext.827    edward@bitlifesciences.com

Edward received his master’s degree in digital multimedia from Tongmyong University. His work relates to overseas exhibition management which includes business communications, on-site services etc. His educational and professional background enables him to work well with his clients and promote the development of our events.


Senior Tour Account Manager

Allison Wong

+86 411 84799609 Ext.827    allison@bitworldtravel.com

Allison Wong has completed her four college years in the Northwestern Polytechnical University in Shanxi Province, China. She has extensive experience in media partnership and tourism plans. Now, she’s working as a tour consultant in BIT World Travel Service, Inc.


Assistant Tour Account Manager

Alex Jiang

+86 411 84799609 Ext.827    alex@bitworldtravel.com

Graduated from University of Glasgow, U.K., Alex holds master’s degree in Corporate Governance & Accountability. His educational and professional backgrounds have positioned him well to provide tailored services to meet the demands of the clients in BIT World Travel Service.


Event Operation Team

Event Operation Manager

Jacky Zhang

+86 411 84799609 Ext.837    zh_cai@bitlifesciences.com

Jacky is responsible for conference on-site management. His job includes pre-event communication with conference venue managers and conference on-site integrated control. Jacky’s experience not only ensures the success of the whole meeting, but also enables him to deal with various emergencies.


Event Planning Manager

Sherry Si

+86 411 84799609 Ext.837    sherry_si@bitlifesciences.com

Sherry has been working in BIT Congress for seven years. The amount of international conferences she has served is nearly a hundred. She is professional in large scale conference and exhibition planning and operation. She holds herself to high standard on conference reception work. She advocates a combination of high - tech and traditional conference operation pattern, which indicates professional conference producer produces professional conferences.


Assistant Event Operation Manager

Teddy Wang

+86 411 84799609 Ext.837    teddy@bitlifesciences.com

Teddy joined BIT in 2012. He is mainly in charge of pre-event planning and management, on-site operation and post-event evaluation, etc. Events include academic conference, keynote forum, project docking, exhibition, and banquet, etc.


Event Management Trainee

Lily Zhao

+86 411 84799609 Ext.827    lily@bitworldtravel.com

Lily, studied tourism management for nearly seven years and received her master’s degree from Guilin University of Technology in 2016. She has participated in many tourism planning projects which enables her to understand tourism industry from a professional and unique perspective.


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