Exhibition Schedule



Date:   April 12~14, 2016
Venue:  Pavilions 4 & 4.1, ECC Sokolniki, Moscow, Russia
Cycle:   once a year
Scale:   221 exhibitors
Organizer: ITE Group


Exhibition Profile
Analitika Expo is the largest international exhibition in terms of the number of exhibitors dedicated to equipment and reagents for chemical analysis and diagnostics. The Exhibition should be visited by experts of scientific, production and medical laboratories.
Participants of the exhibition are manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, materials and technologies for all types of laboratories.
The exhibition presents the entire process of building laboratories:
From designing, climate formation, preparation of gases, water and air;
To selecting analytical equipment, laboratory furniture, IT-solutions and support the current activity of chemical reagents, standard samples, materials.
Visitors of the exhibition are specialists and managers of research institutes and enterprises, laboratories for quality control of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, medical, clinical, environmental and other types of laboratories.


Exhibitors’ feedback:
69% Found new partners / customers
72% Learned about competitors’ products
98% Consider participating in Analitika Expo useful in terms of future sales
100% Are planning to participate in Analitika Expo 2015


Post Show Report
9674 sqms, 221 exhibitors from 18 countries, 5817 specialists from 64 regions of Russia and 25 countries.


Product Category

Analysis and quality control

• Instrumental methods of analysis
- Electrochemical methods
- Emission spectral analysis, photometric methods, X-ray analysis, and others;
- Mass spectrometric analysis;
- Methods based on measurement of radioactivity
- Other
• Software
• Microscopes and optical image processing
• Test and Measurement Technology
• Testing of materials
• Quality control

Laboratory technology

• Laboratory equipment and instruments
• Laboratory furniture
• Laboratory automation / robotics
• Processing system of laboratory data, software
• Accessory laboratory equipment
• Chemical reagents and materials
• Expendable materials
• Standardization, accreditation and certification of laboratories
• Personal and collective protective equipment

Biotechnology / Bioscience / Diagnostics

• Bioassay
• Biological Chemistry
• Design of bioprocesses and biosystems
• Biotechnology equipment
• Laboratory equipment for biotechnology and biosciences
• Diagnosis in medical research
• Laboratory diagnosis of
• Rapid diagnosis
• Bioinformatics
• Industrial biotechnology


• Nano analytics
• Nanomaterials
• Nanoinstrumenty
• Nanosystems
• Components





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