BIT’s 5th Annual World Congress of Molecular & Cell Biology-2015
★ Agenda
Agenda of CMCB – 2015

Time: April 25-28, 2015
Registration: April 24, 2015 All Day
Venue: Nanjing International Youth Conference Hotel (NIYCH), Nanjing, China

Date & Time
Day 0
April 24, 2015
Day 1
April 25, 2015
Day 2
April 26, 2015
Day 3
April 27, 2015
Day 4
April 28, 2015
08:30 - 12:00
Opening Ceremony & Keynote Forum
Panel A1
(738, 7F)
Panel A2
(733, 7F)
Panel B10
(738, 7F)
Panel B1
(732, 7F)
Panel B5
(737, 7F)
Panel E6
(703, 7F)
Panel B2
(738, 7F)
Panel B6
(732, 7F)
Panel F3
(738, 7F)
Panel C1
(737, 7F)
Panel B7
(735, 7F)
Panel G7
(703, 7F)
Panel E1
(733, 7F)
Panel C4
(733, 7F)
Panel E2
(733, 7F)
Panel D2
(738, 7F)
Panel F1
(737, 7F)
Panel E4
(735, 7F)
Panel G1
(735, 7F)
Panel G5
(738, 7F)
Panel G2
(738, 7F)
12:00 – 13:30
Lunch Showcase
13:30 – 17:00
Keynote Forum
Panel B3
(738, 7F)
Panel B8
(737, 7F)
Panel B4
(732, 7F)
Panel B9
(735, 7F)
Panel C2
(737, 7F)
Panel D3
(738, 7F)
Panel C3
(737, 7F)
Panel E5
(738, 7F)
Panel D1
(733, 7F)
Panel G6
(733, 7F)
Panel E3
(732, 7F)
Panel F2
(735, 7F)
Panel G3
(733, 7F)
Panel G4
(735, 7F)
18:30 - 21:00
Welcome Banquet & Art Performance
Social Dinner

Quest A: Peers’ Opinions on Unsolved Mysteries in the Cell Biology
Panel A1: What Challenges Persist in Mechanisms of Endocytosis & Exocytosis?
Panel A2: How Cells Face Cell Injury, Cell Damage and Undergo Repair?
Quest B: Hot Stories of Cellular Structure, Events and Functions
Panel B1: Cytoskeleton and Organelle
Panel B2: Cell Polarity, Adhesion and Migration
Panel B3: Chromosome, Chromatin and Epigenetics
Panel B4: Biomembrane Structure, Transmembrane Transport
Panel B5: Emerging Signaling and Regulation
Panel B6: Autophagy, Necroptosis and Apoptosis
Panel B7: Cell Mechanics
Panel B8: Gene Expression and Regulation
Panel B9: Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Panel B10: Plant & Bacteria Cell Walls
Quest C: Advances in RNA Biology
Panel C1: Non-Coding RNAs
Panel C2: Mechanisms of RNAi and MicroRNAs
Panel C3: RNA and Disease & Therapeutics
Panel C4: RNA Processing & Regulation
Quest D: Fascinating Stem Cells
Panel D1: Frontier of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Panel D2: Regulation of Stem Cell
Panel D3: Reprogramming and Direct Reprogramming or Transdifferentiation
Quest E: Cell Energy and Metabolism
Panel E1: Metabolic Pathways and Networks
Panel E2: Free Radicals
Panel E3: Cancer Cell Metabolism
Panel E4: Mitochondria
Panel E5: Photosynthesis and Chloroplasts
Panel E6: Aging
Quest F: Emerging Cell Technologies
Panel F1: Cell and Sub-cell Imaging and Visualization
Panel F2: Single Cell Technologies and Nanotechnologies
Panel F3: CRISPR/Cas9 Systems
Quest G: Translational Molecular & Cell Biology
Panel G1: Role of Molecular & Cell Biology in Translational Medicine
Panel G2: Tissue Repair & Regeneration
Panel G3: Translation of Animal Models to the Clinic
Panel G4: Neurodegeneration
Panel G5: Tumor Invasion and Metastasis, Angiogenesis, Cancer Stem Cells
Panel G6: Glia & Neurons
Panel G7: Anemia and Red Blood Cells


7F=7th Floor

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