BIT' 4th Annual International Symposium of Clean Coal Technology
  • Covering Major Hot Fields in Clean Coal Technology Industry
  • Hearing from International experts to acquire knowledge of the cutting-edge technologies and project operational experiences: coal gasification, coal liquefaction, IGCC, CCS etc.
  • Showcasing advanced and cost-effective clean coal industry products and solutions
  • Case Study of China’s Clean Coal Projects
  • Tech Tour to Beautiful City in China
Renowned Speakers of CCT-2015

Mr. Barry K. Worthington, Executive Director

United States Energy Association, USA

Bracy Silver Tie

Dr. Dennis Bracy,
CEO, US-China Clean Energy Forum, USA

John Harrison PICTURE.jpg

Mr. John Harrison,
Managing Director, CarbonSafe Pty. Ltd. &TecEco Pty. Ltd., Australia

Dr. Cliff Guo,
Director, National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy (NICE), China


Dr. David Harris, Chairman, Asian Coal Ash Association, Australia/China

Mr. Bernd von der Heide, Managing Director, Mehldau Steinfath Umwelttechnik GmbH, Germany

Dr. Mikhail Blinderman,
Founder and Managing Director, Ergo Exergy Technologies, Inc., Canada

Dr. Massimo Malavasi, Senior Vice President Technology, ITEA Spa, Italy

Michael LEWE.jpg

Dr. Michael Zhao,
President, Airborne China Limited. USA


Program Layout
Track 1: Global Issues and Policy of Clean Coal Technology (CCT)
Session 101: Global Sustained Economic Development and CCT
Session 102: Clean Coal Policy and Strategies from Different Regions
Session 103: Environmental Pollution Control and CCT
Track 3: Clean Coal Technology Market & Investment
Session 301: International Markets for CCTs
Session 302: Role of CCTs in the Electricity Market
Session 303: Case Studies from Demonstrated Clean Coal Projects
Session 304: Fund Investment for New Clean Coal Technologies
Track 2: The Promising Clean Coal Technology

Session 201: Front Matters of Clean Coal Technologies
Session 202: Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies or Sequestration

  • (a) Carbon Dioxide Capture
  • (b) Measurement, Monitoring and Verification (MMV)
  • (c) Carbon Transportation, Utilization and Storage
Session 203: Coal Gasification Technologies and Poly Generation
Session 204: High Efficient Technologies Controlling Emission and Pollution
Session 205: Coal Liquefaction Technologies
Session 206: Coal Combustion Technologies
Session 207: Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) Technology
Session 208: Advanced Combustion Systems
Session 209: Air Pollution/Emission Control Technologies
Session 210: Biomass Cofiring
Session 211: New Technology of Coal Chemical Industry
Special Forum

Forum I: Coal Mining
•    Geological and Ground Control Issues
•    Mining Technology
•    Monitoring and Managing gas in mines
•    Mining Reclamation and Mining Economics
•    Safety Issues
•    Environmental Impacts

Forum II: Coal-bed Methane (CBM)
•    Policy, Industry Strategies from Different Regions
•    Exploitation and Technical Innovation
•    Processing and Utilization
•    Safety Issues
•    Environmental Impacts

Many thanks to you for the very interesting Conference. I want to renew my congratulations for the excellent organization

----- Mr. Giuseppe Girardi, Manager, ENEA, Italy
I very much appreciated the conference, and not least the kind hospitality shown by all the people I met during both my stay and my travel.

----- Mr. Hans Aksel Haugen, Department Leader, Tel-Tek, Norway
Thank you so much for all: forum and tours. All was very nice, your country and the people in China were beautiful

-----Dr.Farid Chejne, Professor, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
Thank you very much for excellent conference organisation!

-----Dr. Jiri Polansky , Associate Professor, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic
The organisation of the conference was definitely a professional one when I compare it with the Electric Power Conference, ASME Power Conference , ICOPE Event , or Marcus Evans Regional Conferences beside the other International conferences I attended so far. 

----- Mr. Chittatosh Bhattacharya , Deputy Director, National Power Training Institute, India
Conference Report

BIT's 3rd Annual International Symposium of Clean Coal Technology-2014 was held during Sep 16-18, 2014 in Taiyuan, China. CCT-2014 received extensive recognition from all over the world. Well known experts from academic, industrial professionals, key-decision makers and distinguished guests came to attend the congress. Mr. Dennis Bracy, CEO, US-China Clean Energy Forum, USA; Mr. Lixing Zhou, Professor, Tsinghua University, China; Dr. Mikhail S. Blinderman, Director Operations, Ergo Exergy Technologies Inc, Canada; Mr. David Harris, Chairman, Asian Coal Ash Association, China have made excellent presentations and warmly discussed with the audiences at the forum.

After the conference, many attendees expressed satisfaction with the rich content of the congress, and said they had an unforgettable memory in Taiyuan. The conference was a great scientific festival with wonderful opportunities to learn about the Clean Coal Technology. Depending on the warmly support and good suggestions from all of the participants, we are confident in organizing CCT-2015 which would be better and more successful than CCT -2014.

Xi’an Attractions and Delicious Food

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