BIT's 11th Annual World Cancer Congress (WCC-2018)

BIT's 11th Annual World Cancer Congress-2018 (WCC-2018) will be held on May 18-20, 2018 in Philadelphia, USA.

Given the major worldwide importance in cancer research, cancer therapies, and new drug trials, we should not only help ensure we’re apprised of current developments in the field but also reflect on new progress and look toward future challenges. WCC-2018 enables presenters and delegates to enjoy the state of the art oral and poster presentations covering the in-depth findings into the cause and processes of the disease and recent advances in clinical practice, from prevention to diagnosis, treatment and care.

WCC-2018 will provide a unique and ideal opportunity for a broad spectrum of researchers, clinicians and other health professionals to meet, discuss, share, learn and connect in order to find solutions to reduce the impact of cancer in the world. With the participation of outstanding international experts, we hope productive discussions would stimulate new creative ideas to translate new discoveries into better diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.

We hope your participation would contribute to your professional development and relationships. Wish you enjoy the conference.


● Designing 100+ Sessions of Scientific Forums, Symposia, Roundtables, Dialogs, Workshops, and Training Courses
● Inviting Worldwide Distinguished Experts, Investors, and Decision Makers in the Areas of Cancer for the Grand Thought Collision from 50+Countries
● Shooting for 600+ Oral Presentations and Hot Paper Briefing in Whole Spectrum of Cancer Fields
● Gathering 50+ Exhibitors in Cutting-edge Technologies and Novel Bioproducts
● Bring in up to 1000 Distinguished Participants All Together in Oncology, Cancer Diagnosis, New Drugs R & D and Therapies to Philadelphia
● Bringing in 10+ Professional Media Supporters
● Scheduling 6+ Sessions of Business & Career Development, and Talent Search
● Multi-Zones of Poster Show and Exhibitions of New Finding, New Tech and New Products
● 2-3 Interactive Events to Enhance the Professional Network and Matchmaking
● One Annual Report Release Based on Cancer Peers’ Review on Current Trend, Scientific Breakthroughs and Future Directions

Past Renowned Speakers of WCC-2017
Paul S. Rennie.jpg Dr. Paul S. Rennie, Professor & Director, Laboratory Research, The Vancouver Prostate Centre & University of British Columbia, Canada Nira Ben-Jonathan.bmp Dr. Nira Ben-Jonathan, Professor, University of Cincinnati, USA Karol Sikora.jpg Dr. Karol Sikora, Chief Medical Officer & Dean, Proton Partners International & University of Buckingham Medical School, UK
Bennard van Ravenzwaay.jpg Dr. Bennard van Ravenzwaay, Senior Vice President, BASF SE, Germany Konstantinos Konstantopoulos.jpg Dr. Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, Professor & Chair, The Johns Hopkins University, USA Dr. Sean X. Hu, Senior Vice President & Head of Consulting, GlobalData Inc., USA
Miquel Pons.jpg Dr. Miquel Pons, Full Professor & Group Leader, Biomolecular NMR Group; Faculty of Chemistry, University of Barcelona, Spain Thierry Virolle.png Dr. Thierry Virolle, Director of Research, INSERM, France Doron Melamed.jpg Dr. Doron Melamed, Professor, Department of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Israel
Dominique Belpomme.png Dr. Dominique Belpomme, Professor, University of Paris; Director, the European Cancer and Environment Research Institute (ECERI), France Juan Sanabria.jpg Dr. Juan Sanabria, Professor, Vice-chair & Scientific Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center, USA Michel Janicot.jpg Dr. Michel Janicot, Founder & CEO, JMi ONConsulting, Belgium
Gerd Birkenmeier.bmp Dr. Gerd Birkenmeier, Professor, University of Leipzig, Germany Fabio Mammano.jpg Dr. Fabio Mammano, Professor & Director, CNR Institute of Cell Biology and Neurobiology, Italy Aikaterini Kontrogianni-Konstantopoulos2.jpg Dr. Aikaterini Kontrogianni-Konstantopoulos, Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA
Peter L. Elkin.jpg Dr. Peter L. Elkin, Professor & Director, Department of Biomedical Informatics, University at Buffalo, USA Andrei P. Kozlov.png Dr. Andrei P. Kozlov, Professor, Director of Biomedical Center & Chief, Lab of Molecular Virology and Oncology, Peter the Great Polytechnic University, Russia Steven Eror.jpg Mr. Steven Eror, President & CEO, ProLungdx, USA
Dr. Ferre Akbarpour, Chief Medical Officer, Orange County Immune Institute, USA Karim Malik.jpg Dr. Karim Malik, Reader & Associate Professor, University of Bristol, UK Giulio Tarro.jpg Dr. Giulio Tarro, President, Foundation de Beaumont Bonelli for Cancer Research, Italy
Dr. Levente Kovacs, Professor, Obuda University, Hungary Dr. Leslie J. Waltke, Director & Cancer Rehabilitation Coordinator, Waltke Cancer Rehabilitation Academy & Aurora Health Care, USA Steven Warner.jpg Dr. Steven Warner, VP, Discovery and Development, Tolero Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA
Mohamed Aziz.jpg Dr. Mohamed Aziz, Senior Surgical Pathologist, USA; Professor of Pathology, American University of the Caribbean Medical School, St. Maarten, Dutch Antilles Masahiro Tsubaki.jpg Dr. Masahiro Tsubaki, Vice President, Yuai Memorial Hospital, Japan Brigitte Guérin.jpg Dr. Brigitte Guerin, Full Professor, Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada
Dr. Arthur G. Lerner, Chief Medical Officer, Imaging Diagnostics Systems, Inc., USA Dimcho Bachvarov.jpg Dr. Dimcho Bachvarov, Professor, Laval University, Canada Nathalie Rivard2.jpg Dr. Nathalie Rivard, Full Professor & Director, Universite de Sherbrooke, Canada
Dr. Eva Estebanez-Perpina, Associate Professor & Serra Hunter Fellow, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Institute of Biomedicine, University of Barcelona (IBUB), Spain Dr. Cheng Dong, Distinguished Professor & Department Head, Department of Biomedical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, USA Dr. Zoltan Sapi, Professor, First Department of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research, Semmelweis University, Hungary
Event Report

The 10th Annual World Cancer Congress (WCC-2017) with the theme of “World Dream of Defeating Cancer” was successfully held during May 19-21 in Barcelona, Spain. More than 400 participants from over 43 countries and areas have attended the WCC-2017.
As the keynote speakers, Dr. Paul S. Rennie, Professor & Director, Laboratory Research, The Vancouver Prostate Centre & University of British Columbia, Canada; Dr. Karol Sikora, Chief Medical Officer & Dean, Proton Partners International & University of Buckingham Medical School, UK; Dr. Bennard van Ravenzwaay, Senior Vice President, BASF SE, Germany; Dr. Sean X. Hu, Senior Vice President & Head of Consulting, GlobalData Inc., USA; Dr. Nira Ben-Jonathan, Professor, University of Cincinnati, USA attended the opening ceremony and the Keynote Forum. We would like to thank the participants for their warmly support and good suggestions; we would also like to thank all members of our organizing committee, and the program committee for their long working hours. Finally we hope all of you have enjoyed the congress, and we are definitely sure BIT's 11th Annual World Cancer Congress (WCC-2018) will be more successful!

Exhibition and Poster

As part of the 2018 World Cancer Congress, an exhibition space will provide a unique opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products and services to participants with interests in all areas of cancer. Developed to offer comfort to delegates while maximizing exhibitor exposure, the coffee breaks and poster sessions will all take place in the exhibition area promoting frequent and repeated opportunities for delegates to visit the exhibits.

Exhibitors' advantages
• The exhibition will be visited by participants of the conference it means by your authentic target group from China and other countries.
• The exhibitors have the opportunity to present their exhibits more detailed, and have the opportunity for longer discussion with inquiring visitors – in most cases specialists – than during session discussions.


Exhibition Date:
Set-up date: May 17, 2018
Show dates: May 18-20, 2018 09:00-18:00
Place: Philadelphia, USA

Hosting Organization

BIT Group Global Ltd.

International Honorary Chairmen

Dr. Vladimir Lazar
Chief Scientific and Operating Officer
WIN Consortium, France

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