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Forum 1: Mass Spectrometry
Session 101: MS Frontier Technologies and Methods
Time:13:30-17:30, March 26, 2018 (Monday)
Place: Miami Marriott Dadeland, USA
Dr. Mario DiPaola, Senor Scientific Director, Charles River Laboratories, Inc., USA
Dr. Eric Carlson, President & CEO, Protein Metrics Inc., USA
Chair’s Introduction
Title: A Novel Solution for EtG/EtS Analysis in Human Urine by LC-MS/MS
Dr. Shun-Hsin Liang, Senior Scientist, Restek Corporation, USA
Title: The Use of Mass Spectrometry in the Analysis of Biosimilars
Dr. Mario DiPaola, Senor Scientific Director, Charles River Laboratories, Inc., USA
Title: Overview of Peptide and Peptoid Analysis by Mass Spectrometry
Dr. Jiri Snopek, Manager of Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, Department of Analytical Development, PolyPeptide Group, USA
Title: Comprehensive Chromatography and High-resolution Mass Spectrometry as Fundamental Tools for Tropical Plant Studies
Dr. Elena Stashenko, Professor, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia
Title: SPME Coupled with GC in the Quantification of Aromatic Molecules in Cheese and Correlation with Sensory Attributes
Dr. Maria de los Angeles Colin Cruz, Professor, Universidad Autooma del Estado de Mexico, Mexico
Coffee Break
Title: Highly Automated Analysis of Antibody Chain Shuffling in Bispecific Antibodies
Dr. Eric Carlson, President & CEO, Protein Metrics Inc., USA
Title: Proteomic Strategies to Elucidate Influenza Vaccine Mutations and Modifications
Dr. Ryan Leib, Associate Director of Research, Stanford University Mass Spectrometry, USA
Title: TBD
Dr. Victoria Cotham, Associate Research Scientist, New York University Langone Health, USA
Title: HPLC-MS/MS Analytical Method Validation and Determination of the Metabolites of Fluoro-histone Deacetylase Inhibitors for PET Imaging Agents
Dr. Wei-Hsi Chen, Principal Investigator, Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Taiwan
Title: UPLC-MS/MS Quantification of Free and Glucose-conjugated Plant Sterols, Ergosterol and Other Beneficial Compounds in Plant-based (Health) Drinks
Dr. Anneleen Decloedt, Assistant Professor, Ghent University, Belgium
Title: P-glycoprotein Regulator Screening by LC/MS/MS
Dr. So Won Kim, Assistant Professor, Catholic Kwandong University, South Korea
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Miami Dadeland Hotel has been confirmed to be the conference venue & hotel.
Conference Chairman
Dr. Kenneth G. Furton,
Provost and Executive Vice President, Florida International University, USA
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