BIT's 6th Annual Conference of AnalytiX-2018 (AnalytiX-2018)
★ Program Layout

BIT’s 6th Annual Conference of

AnalytiX 2018

Theme: Faster, More Accurate, More Sensitive

Time: March 26-28, 2017

Venue: Miami, USA

Program Layout

Chapter 1: Main Conference
Part 1: Opening Ceremony
Part 2: Plenary Speech in Forums of Analytic Sciences and Technologies

Chapter 2: Scientific Program
Forum 1: Mass Spectrometry
Session 101: MS Frontier Technologies and Methods
Session 102: MS in Biotech and Biopharma
Session 103: MS in Life Science Research
Session 104: MS in Food and Environment
Session 105: MS in Materials Industry
Session 106: MS in Natural Products

Forum 2: Chromatography
Session 201: Innovative Development in Chromatography
Session 202: Hyphenated Techniques for Chromatography
Session 203: Applications of New Chromatography
Session 204: Latest Development of LC-MS Method

Forum 3: Spectroscopy
Session 301: Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics
Session 302: Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy, SERS
Session 303: Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Session 304: Terahertz Spectroscopy
Session 305: EPR (ESR) Spectroscopy
Session 306: X-ray Spectroscopy
Session 307: Advances in Applied Spectroscopy

Forum 4: NMR & MRI
Session 401: Advances in NMR Techniques
Session 402: New Advancement in Biomolecular NMR
Session 403: Novel Research on Solid-State NMR
Session 404: fMRI Frontiers
Session 405: MRI/MRS in Medicine and Clinical Practices

Forum 5: Crystallography
Session 501: Novel Crystallographic Methods and Approaches
Session 502: Chemical Crystallography
Session 503: XFEL Development
Session 504: Crystallography of Functional Materials
Session 505: Structural Science and Crystal Engineering

Forum 6: Electroanalytical Chemistry
Session 601: Recent Advances in Basic Research of Electroanalytical Chemistry
Session 602: Novel Instruments, Techniques and Application of Electroanalytical Chemistry
Session 603: Bioelectroanalytical Chemistry
Session 604: Electrochemical Sensors and Electrochemical Immunoassay
Session 605: Latest Breakthrough of Interfacial Electrochemistry
Session 606: Nano- Electroanalytical Chemistry

Forum 7: Micro-/Nanofluidics and Biosensors
Session 701: The Latest Applications of Micro-/Nanofluidics
Session 702: Application of MicroTAS
Session 703: Biosensor Technology and Application
Session 704: Advanced Photonic Sensors
Session 705: Nanomaterial Applications, Nanobiosensors, &Micro-/Nanoanalytical Systems

Forum 8: Microscopy and Imaging
Session 801: Advanced Electron Microscopy
Session 802: Optical Microscopy
Session 803: Scanning Probe Microscopy
Session 804: Applications in Life Science
Session 805: Microscopy in Material Science
Session 806: Molecular and Medical Imaging
Session 807: Advanced 3D Microscopy Technology
Session 808: Emerging Application of Synchrotron Radiation

Forum 9: Frontiers in Analytical Science
Session 901: Chemometrics and Analytical Informatics
Session 902: Advanced Techniques and Methods for Bioanalysis
Session 903: Innovative Analytical Automotive Techniques and Systems
Session 904: High Throughput Screening Methods
Session 905: Pharmaceutical Process Analysis (PAT)
Session 906: Environmental Analysis and Monitoring

Forum 10: Young Scientists’ Forum


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Conference Chairman
Dr. Kenneth G. Furton,
Provost and Executive Vice President, Florida International University, USA
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