BIT's 6th Annual Conference of AnalytiX-2018 (AnalytiX-2018)

BIT’s 6th Annual Conference of AnalytiX 2018 (AnalytiX-2018) will be held during March 26-28, 2018 in Miami, USA. It covers all hot topics in field of Analytical Science and Technology, e.g. Mass Spectrometry, Spectroscopy, Microscopy, Crystallography, Chromatography, Lab-on-a-Chip, Microfluidics, NMR & MRI, Electroanalytical Chemistry and Chemical Sensors etc.. The aim of the conference is to bring together leading scientists, researchers, engineers and technology developers from multidisciplinary research and application areas to exchange information on their latest research progress and innovation, to discuss the benefits of Analytical Science and Technology in their research and development efforts to advance the networking, and collaborating between different academia, research and market leaders in the field. We hope productive discussions would stimulate new creative ideas to translate new discoveries into better practice and application. This year’s conference preserves most of the successful format of past meetings, will continue to leave you intellectually refreshed and reinvigorated for your work!

•     Designing 100+ Sessions of Scientific Forums, Symposia, Roundtables, Dialogs, Workshops,and Training Courses in frontier Analytical Science in Conjunction with the BIT’s 11th Annual Protein & Peptide Science conference at same time
•     Inviting Worldwide Distinguished experts, Investors, and Decision Makers in the areas of Protein R & D for the Grand Thought Collision from 50+ countries
•     Shooting for 600+ Oral Presentations and Hot Paper Briefing in whole Spectrum of breakthroughs in Analytical Science and Technology from active researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs;
•     Gathering 50+ Exhibitors in Cutting-edge Technologies and Novel Bioproducts
•     Bring in up to 1000 distinguished participants all together in Bioanalysis, Chemical Analysis, Physical Analysis, and Protein & Peptide Fields to the sunny city, Miami;
•     Bringing in 10+ Professional Media Supporters
•     Scheduling 6+Sessions of Business& Career Development, and Talent Search
•     Multi-Zones of Poster Show and Exhibitions of New Finding, New IP, New Tech and New Products
•     2-3 Interactive Events to enhance the professional network and matchmaking
•     One Annual Report Release based on Protein/Peptide Peers’ review on current trend, economic value, scientific breakthroughs and future directions.
Program Layout
Path 1: Main Conference
-Voice of Illuminating the Paths to Understand Nature
Path 2: Scientific Hub
-Breaking Research in Analytical Science
Path 3: Industrial Innovator’s Space
-Impacts of New Driving Forces on Smart Analytical Devices
Path 4: Next Generation Bio/Med Instrumentation
-Right Judgment on What’s Wrong about Our Own System
Path 5: Young Talents’ Nexus
-New Champions in Analytical World
Path 6: Mind-Seeking Labs
-Your Career and Your Business
Path 7: Micro-Knowledge Harbor
-Sharing More Progress with the Ones You Want to Meet
Path 8: Silkroad Partnership Post
-What Belt & Road Means to Analytical Experts
Path 9: Analtix’s Bazaar
-Posters and Exhibits
Path 10: Joyful Commune
-Sharing the Diversities for Common Interests
Renowned Speakers
Dr. Kenneth G. Furton, Provost and Executive Vice President, Florida International University, USA Dr. Janusz Stanislaw Lipkowski,
Professor, University in Warsaw, Poland
Dr. Jack Henion,
Co-Founder & CSO, Advion, Inc., USA
untitled91.jpg.jpg  Dr. Marija Gajdardziska-Josifovska,
Professor & Dean, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, USA
Dr. Susan Schorr,
Head, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Germany
Dr. Jun’ichiro Mizuki,
Professor, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan Dr. Wolfgang E. Ernst, 
Director, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Dr. Masato Okui,
Manager, Kohzu Precision Co. Ltd., Japan Dr. Robert Plumb, 
Professor, Imperial College London, UK
Dr. Mats Larsson, Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden Dr. Jiri Snopek,
Mass Spectrometry Lab Manager, PolyPeptide Laboratories, Inc., USA
Eric_2017_final_crop.jpg  Dr. Eric Carlson,
President & CEO, Protein Metrics Inc., USA
Meyerheim.JPG Dr. Holger L. Meyerheim, Senior Scientist & Privatdozent (MLU Halle), MPI of Microstructure Physics, Germany Dr. Hideharu Matsuura, Professor, Osaka Electro-Communication University, Japan Dr. Jörn Volkher Wochnowski, Professor, University of Applied Sciences Luebeck, Germany
Dr. Hiroshi Jinnai, Professor, Tohoku University, Japan Dr. Luc Moens,
Professor, Ghent University, Belgium
Vladislav Shcheslavskiy Dr. Vladislav Shcheslavskiy,
Research Scientist, Becker & Hickl GmbH, Germany Dr. Federico Marini, Professor, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy Dr. Anthony W. Coleman, Research Director, University Lyon 1, France Mathias Bach Dr. Mathias Bach,
Head, Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Dr. Ewa Cukrowska, Professor, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa Dr. Antonio Pietrosanto, Professor,University of Salerno, Italy Dr. Nobuyuki Takeyasu, Professor, Okayama University, Japan
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Exhibition and Poster

AnalytiX-2018 provides an ideal platform to showcase your novel technologies and products in USA. It is developed to offer comfort to delegates while maximizing exhibitor exposure, the coffee breaks and poster sessions will all take place in the exhibition area promoting frequent repeated opportunities for delegates to visit the exhibits.

Why Reserve a Booth at AnalytiX-2018
• To Meet Face-to-Face with the International Movers and Shakers
• To Meet with Key Decision Marker
• To Explore Business Opportunities
• To Spotlight Advanced Technologies and Their Scientific and Commercial Applications

• To Take Advantage of the Conference's Captive Audience and Networking Opportunities within the Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Date:
Set-up date: March 25, 2018
Show dates: March 26-28, 2018 09:00-18:00
Place: Miami, USA


Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH
Inorganic Ventures, Inc.

Beckman Coulter

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Conference Chairman
Dr. Kenneth G. Furton,
Provost and Executive Vice President, Florida International University, USA
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