BIT’s 5th Annual International Congress of Algae-2016
★ Previous Conferences

BIT’s 6th World DNA and Genome Day-2015 (WDD-2015)

BIT’s 6th Annual World DNA and Genome Day (WDD-2015) officially curtained up at 9 a.m., April 24, 2015. The phenomenal opening ceremony of the keynote forum was held in Nanjing Jinling Convention Center, hosted by Dr. Xia Mingde, senior director of Johnson & Johnson. The co-chair, President of Zhen-ao Group, Mr. Chen Yuqi delivered the opening speech. The opening ceremony of the conferences was hosted by Mr. Liu Yi-an, Vice Mayor of Nanjing and deputy secretary of the party leadership group of Nanjing municipal government. Member of Jiangsu Provincial Standing Committee and the Secretary of Nanjing Municipal Committee of the CPC, Ms. Huang Lixin, Director of Information Research Center of International Talent, Mr. Chen Huabei, and Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine in 2011, Dr. Bruce Butler addressed the forum. Mr. Miao Ruilin, Mayor of Nanjing City, delivered report on environmental investment. Member of Jiangsu Provincial Standing Committee and deputy governor-general of Jiangsu Province, Mr. Li Yunfeng announced the opening of the forum. Over 1,000 delegates from 46 countries and regions in the field of biotechnology attended the grand forum, including specialists, scholars, entrepreneurs, industrial managers, and representatives of financing organizations. Nobel Laureate, Prof. Bruce Butler and Prof. Tim Hunter co-led the forum.
  Symposium for Overseas Bio-pharmaceutical Projects and Talents

With the convening of 2015 China (Nanjing) International Biopharmaceutical Innovation and Cooperation & BIT's 6th Annual World DNA and Genome Day-2015, the Symposium for Overseas Bio-pharmaceutical Projects and Talents (SOBPT) was held in Zhonghua Exhibition Hall of Nanjing Youth Convention Center. The SOBPT was hosted by Dr. Mei Xiaodan, President of BIT Congress. Secretary of the CPC branch and President of Nanjing Sub-council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Ms. Yin Wen addressed SOBPT. Chairman of Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley, Mr. Chen Hong, Vice President of Nanjing New Industry Investment Group, Mr. Wang Xuegen, Senior Financial Director of Nanjing BioSciKin Inc., Ms. Zhang Ruikun delivered reports to the delegates. Director of Ambrx Inc., Mr. Li Jian and Director of Process Inventing of Ambrx, Dr. Bai Yun, Research Scientist in single cell sequencing/genomics at Yale University, Dr. Pan Xinghua, and CEO of Hangzhou Gmax Biopharm, Dr. Jing Shuqian reported in the symposium. Fifty-six specialists with patent projects had one-on-one business conversations with over 100 delegates from corporations, pursuing promising cooperation.

College-tour of Nobel Laureates: China Pharmaceutical University

Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine in 2011, Dr. Bruce Butler visited China Pharmaceutical University(CPU) and met students of CPU on April 26, 2015. President of BIT Congress, Dr. Mei Xiaodan as alumnus of China Pharmaceutical University accompanied the prominent Nobel laureate. Dr. Butler’s speech attracted thousands of students and professors of CPU to the conference hall. Attendees expressed their excitement to communicate with Dr. Butler and spoke highly of the college tours of Nobel laureates organized by BIT Congress. Jiangsu Satellite Television interviewed Dr. Butler after the meeting.

Viewing the warmly support and good suggestions from all the participants, we are confident in organizing WDD-2016 which would be better and more successful than WDD-2015.



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