BIT’s 5th Annual Global Health Conference-2017(AGHC-2017)
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Gate2Biotech is a portal that unites biotechnological community in Central Europe. It covers all the news in the field of biotechnology. Thanks to the portal the companies engaged in the field can easily search for research institutions and other partners to solve technical problems they are facing and here they can also present their services offer to potential partners from the Czech Republic and abroad. Gate2Biotech portal serves as a bridge connecting scientific and commercial sector. It incorporates offices and support organizations dedicated to promoting transfer of innovative technologies into a unified communication platform of Czech and international biotechnology. As a mediator of information it draws attention to biotechnology and support of their application and transfer into practice. It also functions as a tool for encouraging non-professionals (especially scientists and students) towards innovative business or applied research. The readers of G2B are from almost 50 countries and the site attendance is more than 20,000 unique visitors per month.


Bentham Science Publishers is a major STM journal publisher of 130 titles and 200 plus open access journals and print/online book series (Bentham eBooks). Bentham Science answers the information needs of the pharmaceutical and biomedical research community. For: 

• FREE online journals and information:   

• Subscribe, Consortia, discounted global licenses and trials:

• To know more about our publications, please visit

• Marketing & Advertising



"Hospitals-Management  is more than a decade old industry specific portal which is recognized as the most powerful one-stop-shop option on the web. We support the convergence of the best in the industry.

Our services include:

· Exclusive Micro Website with SEO –a micro-website on our industry specific portal, with a profile of the specific company, outlining their operative segments, its products and services, etc.
· Event Marketing –We participate in events and exhibitions and also promote these events and exhibitions through our website. 
· Custom Services –custom solutions promotion package.
· Email marketing –e-mail marketing message in HTML or plain text format that can be targeted at industry specific audience within segments.
· Video marketing –complete video hosting and viewing services, within our platform.
· Banner advertising –strategic positioning of brand advertisements across the website, including search results, directory listings, profiles and articles."

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SciDoc Publishers is a major source provider of e-journals in the field of Science, Technology and Medicine (STM). The nature of journals - Open Access and Peer-reviewed. We are aimed with a sole motive in making a mark in the field of Open Access, by propagating the knowledge to the scientific community. Our prime concern involves, the knowledge to reach millions of readers and give them access to scientific publications - online.
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Shanxi Medical Association

Shanxi Maternal and Child Health Association

Children's Hospital of Shanxi

Operating Organization

BIT Group Global Ltd.

Honorary Chairmen

Dr. Yinglu Guo, Academician, Peking University First Hospital, China

Dr. Jinghe Lang, Academician, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China


Dr. Jigeng Bai, President, Children's Hospital of Shanxi, China

Executive Chairman

Dr. Xiaodan Mei, President of BIT Group Global Ltd.

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