BIT’s 5th Annual World Congress of Ocean-2016
★ Program Layout

BIT’s 5thAnnual World Congress of


Theme: Innovation, Integration, Cooperation and Sustainability

Time: November 4-6, 2016

Venue: Qingdao, China

Program Layout

Module 1: Ocean Economy and Finance

Module 2: Maritime Law

Module 3: Port Management, Shipping & Modern Shipbuilding

Module 4: Discovering Sustainable Ocean Energy

Module 5: Seawater Desalination & Water Reuse

Module 6: Ocean Engineering and Coastal Engineering

Module 7: Smart Digital Ocean

Module 8: Marine Environment and Resources Protection

Module 9: Oceanography


Preliminary Program

Part 1: Opening Ceremony & Plenary Lectures

Part 2: Keynote Forum

Module 1: Ocean Economy, Policy and Management

Session 1-1: Ocean Economy, Resources & Sustainable Development

Session 1-2:Coastal & Marine Spatial Planning and Maritime Industry

Module 2: Maritime Law

Session 2-1: Ship Finance & Investment

Session 2-2: Marine Insurance

Session 2-3: Maritime & Transport Law

Session 2-4: Maritime Security & Safety

Module 3: Port Management, Shipping & Modern Shipbuilding

Session 3-1: Smart Port Management & Operation

Session 3-2: Modern Logistics & Supply Chain

Session 3-3: LNG Shipping & Shipping Sustainability

Session 3-4: Modern Navigation Technologies and Innovations

Session 3-5: Smart Ships Technology

Session 3-6: Ballast Water Technology

Module 4: Discovering Sustainable Ocean Energy

Session 4-1: Offshore Wind Power

Session 4-2: Wave & Water Energy

Session 4-3: Tidal Energy

Session 4-4: Ocean Thermal Energy Technology

Module 5: Seawater Desalination and Water Reuse

Session 5-1: The Development of Present Situation in Desalination

Session 5-2: Innovation of Membrane Desalination Technology

Module 6: Ocean Engineering and Coastal Engineering

Session 6-1: Ocean Engineering Construction

Session 6-2: Offshore Drilling & Rigs

Session 6-3: Ocean Observing, Sensing Technology & Data Management

Session 6-4: Advances in Coastal Ocean Modeling, Observations & Prediction

Module 7: Smart Digital Ocean

Session 7-1: Ocean Acoustics & Signal Processing

Session 7-2: GIS & Remote Sensing Technology

Session 7-3: Wireless Technologies in Maritime

Module 8: Marine Environment and Resources Protection

Session 8-1: Coastal & Marine Resources: Sustainability

Session 8-2: Climate Change Impacts & Threats

Session 8-3: Hypoxia & Ocean Acidification

Session 8-4: Marine Pollution and its Management

Session 8-5: Ocean Disaster and Emergency Response

Session 8-6: Marine & Environmental Technologies

Session 8-7:Marine Ecosystem Health & Conservation


Module 9: Oceanography

Session 9-1: Physical Oceanography/Ocean Circulation

Session 9-2: Ocean Biogeochemistry

Session 9-3: Air-Sea Interaction



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Concurrent Congress
Conference Chair

Mr. Kejun Li
Chairman, China Association of Communication Enterprise Management, Former President, China Classification Society, China & President, International Association of Classification Societies.

Operating Organization

BIT Group Global Ltd.
Foreign Experts Databank of SAFEA-Dalian Branch

Official Travel Agency

BIT World Travel Service, Inc.
Location of Qingdao

Renowned Speakers-2015
Mr. Paul Holthus, CEO & President, World Ocean Council, USA
Mr. James Huang, Vice President, DNV GL, Norway
Dr. Michael V. Voyloshnikov, Chief Research Scientist, Maritime State University, Russia
Mr. Guangli Yang, Manager, Marine Technology and Business Development for the Greater China Division, American Bureau of Shipping, China
Dr. Suseno Sukoyono, Minister's Adviser, Ministry of Marine Affairs And Fisheries, Indonesia
Dr. Vehbi S Ataergin, Consultant & Professor, Consultant Wise MT&T, UK
Mr. Stephane Paboeuf, Project Manager, Bureau Veritas, France
Dr. Sergey A. Ogai, Rector Chief Executive Officer, Maritime State University, Russia
Dr. Randy Gillespie, Director, Centre for Applied Ocean Technology, Canada
Mr. Roger Johnston, Chief Executive Officer, Pilbara Ports Authority, Australia
Mr. Thomas A. Ralph, Executive Director, Fluor Enterprises, Inc., USA
Mr. Mikael Castanius, Director, Ports of Sweden, Sweden
Mr. Richard Thomas Dines, VP, Port of Long Beach, Board of Harbor Commissioners, USA
Dr. Hongda Shi, Dean, Ocean University of China, China
Dr. Henrik Schmidt, Director, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Erling Olaf Koppang, Professor, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway
Mr. P. Foerd Ames, Inventor &Owner, OWECO Ocean Wave Energy Company, USA
Dr. Markus Schoener, Partner, CMS Hasche Sigle, Germany
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