BIT's 10th World Congress of Vaccine-2017, Singapore
★ Tentative Program

BIT’s 10th Annual World Congress of


Vaccine-2017 Singapore

Theme: Accelerating Next Generation Vaccines R & D
Time: November 15-17, 2017
Venue: Singapore

Main Conference Satellite Meeting
Track 1: Latest Research and Technologies in Vaccines Development Track 2: Vaccines for Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases Track 7: Hot Topics in Immunology Research
Track 3: Vaccines for Human Diseases  Track 4: Veterinary Vaccines Track 8: Symposium 2: Innovative Technology in Immunology
Track 5: Vaccines Production & Manufacturing Track 6: Global Vaccines Market Trends and Regulations Track 9: Symposium 3: Clinical Immunology


Keynote Forum
Day 1: Morning, Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Time: 09:10-11:40
Venue: Furama RiverFront Hotel, Singapore

Moderator: Call for Moderator


 Opening Ceremony


 Moderator' s Introduction


Speech Opportunity Available


Title: Under Development
Dr. Thomas Schwaab, Chief of Strategy, Business Development & Outreach; Professor, Oncology and Immunology; CEO, Global Biotechnology and Cancer Therapeutics (GBCT); CEO, RPCI Oncology, PC,  Roswell Park Cancer Institute, USA

10:40 -11:10

Title: Under Development
Dr. Baoming Jiang, Team Leader, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA

11:10 -11:40

Title: Creative Capacity: Innovative Solutions for the Future of Bioproduction
Dr. Daria Donati,
Director, Business Development and Innovation, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Sweden


Title: Ethical Issues in Vaccines Clinical Trial
Dr. Teoh Yee Leong, CEO, Singapore Clinical Research Institute, Singapore


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