BIT’s 1st Annual of Synbio Plus at 10th Annual World DNA and Genome Day 2019
★ Scientific Program

BIT’s 1st Annual Congress of


SynBio Plus 2019

Theme: New Mind, New Life, and New World

Time: April 25-27, 2019


Program Index
Section 3-1: Biomedical Applications of Synbio Technologies
Session 311: Synthetic Immunology and Immunotherapy Engineering Session 312: Engineering Bacteria for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications
Session 313: Synthetic Biology in Smart Drug Discovery Session 314: Synthetic Biology for Creating Drug Delivery Platform
Session 315: Synthetic Biology in Accelerating Next Generation Biotherapy Engineering
-Antibody, Vaccine, Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy and Protein Therapy
Session 316: Synthetic Biology in Personalised and Precision Medicine
Session 317: Synthetic Biology in Tissue Repair and Regenerative Medicine Session 318: Synbio for 3D Bio-printing, Tissue Engineering and Artificial Embryo
Session 319: Synthetic Biology and the Gut Microbiome Engineering  
Section 3-2: Industrial Applications of Synbiotech
Session 321: Design and Production of Biocomputers & Information Storage Session 322: Synbio for Special Chemicals
Session 323: Synthetic Biology Producing Cheaper Natural Products Session 324: Synthetic Biology in Improving Protein and Enzyme Production
Session 325: Advanced Biomaterial Production by Synbio Session 326: Synbio and Smart Biomaterials Production
Session 327: Synbio and Sustainable Biofuels Session 328: Synbio-based Bioplastic and Bioplolymer Production
Session 329: Synthetic Biology in Space Exploration and Other Industrial Applications  
Section 3-3: Agricultural and Environmental Applications of Synbiotech
Session 331: Plant Synthetic Biology in Smart Agriculture Session 332: Synthetic Biology and Future Cosmetics, Spices, and Foods
Session 333: Synthetic Biology and Nitrogen Fixation Session 334: CO2 Fixation via Synthetic Biology in combating Climate Change
Session 335: Synthetic Bacterial Sensors for Environment Monitoring Session 336: Synthetic Biology in Environmental Bioremediation

Honorary Chairman

Professor Pingkai Ouyang, Academician, The Chinese Academy of Engineering, China


Dr. Lixin Zhang, Professor & Director, East China University of Science and Technology, China

Hosting Organizations

Information Research Center of International Talent, Ministry of Science and Technology, China

Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Association

Operating Organizations

Zhen-Ao Group Co., Ltd.


BIT Congress Inc.

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Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Association

Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Association Medical Biotechnology Professional Committee

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