BIT’s 1st Annual of Synbio Plus at 10th Annual World DNA and Genome Day 2019
★ Program Layout

Forum 1: Innovative Synthetic Biology Research
Session 101: Synthetic Biology and Sustainable Bioeconomy
Session 102: Synthetic Biology in China
Session 103: Top-Down Synthetic Biology
Session 104: Bottom-Up Synthetic Biology
Session 105: Mammalian Synthetic Biology
Session 106: Microbial Synthetic Biology
Session 107: Xenobiology-Synthetic Bioparts, Biological Components, Gene Circuits and Devices
Session 108: Cell-Free Synthetic Biology
Session 109: Improving Biocontainment with Synthetic Biology
Session 110: Advances of Open Language and Standardization in Synthetic Biology

Forum 2: Cutting-Edge Synbio Technology Platforms
Session 201: Crisp/Cas9, Gene Editing, Single-Base-Pair Editing and Genome Engineering
Session 202: Innovative Biological Components, Biobricks, Devices, and Predictive Integrative Biosystems
Session 203: DNA, RNA-based Gene Circuits, Bioinformatics and CAD Design Tools
Session 204: Novel Biological Network, Pathways, and Metabolic Engineering
Session 205: Synthetic Artificial Cells, GMO and Synthetic Life
Session 206: Engineering Multi-components and Multicellular Systems, and Regulation
Session 207: Large DNA Fragment Synthesis, DNA Assembly, Artificial Genome Design and Engineering
Session 208: Novel Synthetic Biology Chassis and Enabled Component Libraries
Session 209: NGS, High Sensitivity Proteomic, Metabolomic and Fluxoimc Technologies in Synbio
Session 210: Microfluidic Device for Automating Synthetic Biology
Session 211: AI and Synthetic Biology and Bio-Design Automation.
Session 212: Nanotechnology in Synthetic Biology

Forum 3: Biomedical, Industrial and Environmental Applications
Section 3-1: Biomedical Applications of Synbio Technologies
Session 311: Synthetic Immunology and Immunotherapy Engineering
Session 312: Engineering Bacteria for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications
▪ Recent advances in synthetic biology are making the clinical use of genetically engineered bacteria as ‘smart’ therapeutics and diagnostics a tangible reality.
▪ Chemotaxis and biomolecule secretion
▪Applications of bacteria as engineered therapeutics have targeted diseases as disparate as diabetes mellitus, inflammatory bowel disease, HIV infection and cancer.
▪ bacterial therapeutic delivery
▪ genetic circuits
▪ Sensors for diagnosis and therapeutic regulation
▪ Prodrug
▪ Toll-like receptor
▪ Metastasis
▪ Colitis
▪ Trefoil factors
▪ Recombinases
▪ Memory circuit & Logic gate
Session 313: Synthetic Biology in Smart Drug Discovery
Session 314: Synthetic Biology for Creating Drug Delivery Platform
Session 315: Synthetic Biology in Accelerating Next Generation Biotherapy Engineering-Antibody, Vaccine, Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy and Protein Therapy
Session 316: Synthetic Biology in Personalised and Precision Medicine
Session 317: Synthetic Biology in Tissue Repair and Regenerative Medicine
Session 318: Synbio for 3D Bio-printing, Tissue Engineering and Artificial Embryo
Session 319: Synthetic Biology and the Gut Microbiome Engineering
Section 3-2: Industrial Applications of Synbiotech
Session 321: Design and Production of Biocomputers & Information Storage
Session 322: Synbio for Special Chemicals
Session 323: Synthetic Biology Producing Cheaper Natural Products
Session 324: Synthetic Biology in Improving Protein and Enzyme Production
Session 325: Advanced Biomaterial Production by Synbio
Session 326: Synbio and Smart Biomaterials Production 
Session 327: Synbio and Sustainable Biofuels
Session 328: Synbio-based Bioplastic and Bioplolymer Production
Session 329: Synthetic Biology in Space Exploration and Other Industrial Applications
Section 3-3: Agricultural and Environmental Applications of Synbiotech
Session 331: Plant Synthetic Biology in Smart Agriculture
▪ Production of Plants Tolerable to Abiotic Stress and Drought
▪ Minimal usage of fertilizers and Pesticides
▪ Disease Tolerance Plants
▪ Molecular Farming
Session 332: Synthetic Biology and Future Cosmetics, Spices, and Foods
Session 333: Synthetic Biology and Nitrogen Fixation
Session 334: CO2 Fixation via Synthetic Biology in combating Climate Change
Session 335: Synthetic Bacterial Sensors for Environment Monitoring
Session 336: Synthetic Biology in Environmental Bioremediation

Forum 4: Dynamic Sybio Communities and Sustainability
Session 401: International National Strategies in Share-Economy in Synthetic Biology
Session 402: Sustainability of Open Source Business Models and Synthetic Biology Innovations
Session 403: Learn How to Share Standard Biological Components
▪ BioBricks
▪ International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM)
▪ AddGene
Session 404: Synthetic Biology Innovation Competitions

Forum 5: Synbio Business, Ethic Issues, Venture and Careers
Session 501: Synbio Market Trend and Business Development
Session 502: Global Policy and National Strategy in International Collaboration in Synbio Fields
Session 503: Synthetic Biology Investment Forum
Session 504: Career Development and Opportunities in Synthetic Biology Field

Forum 6: Project Matchmaking and Roadshows
Session 601: Academic Research Projects
Session 602: Industrial Development Projects

Honorary Chairman

Professor Pingkai Ouyang, Academician, The Chinese Academy of Engineering, China


Dr. Lixin Zhang, Professor & Director, East China University of Science and Technology, China

Hosting Organizations

Information Research Center of International Talent, Ministry of Science and Technology, China

Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Association

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Zhen-Ao Group Co., Ltd.


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