BIT’s 7th World Congress of Smart Energy-2017
★ Program Layout
BIT’s 7th World Congress of

Smart Energy-2017

Theme: Future Smart and Clean Energy
Time:November 2-4, 2017
Venue: Wuxi, China

Program Design
Main Conference
Part 1: Opening Ceremony
Part 2: Global Smart Energy Leadership Summit
Part 3: Cities Cooperation Dialogue for Smart Energy
Forum 1: Advanced Smart Energy Technology
Session 101: Smart Energy and Application Session 104: Smart Grid Technologies
Session 102: IoT and Bigdata for Smart Energy Session 105: Micro Smart Grid Technologies
Session 103: Nano Energy Technologies Session 106: Distributed Energy Resources
Forum 2: Frontiers of Energy Storage Technology Session
Session 201: Global Energy Storage Industry Opportunities and Challenges Session 207: Graphene Energy Storage
Session 202: Energy Storage System Session 208: Fuel Cell Technology
Session 203: Electrochemical Energy Storage Session 209: Lithium Batteries
Session 204: Hydrogen Energy Production and Storage Session 210: Distributed Energy Storage Applications
Session 205: Energy Storage Materials Session 211: Investment & Financing and Business Models
Session 206: Energy Conversion Materials Session 212:  Physical Energy Storage
Forum 3: New Energy Symposiums
Session 301: Solar PV Technologies Session 305: Biomass and Biofuels
Session 302: Solar Cell Session 306:  Advanced Bioenergy Technology
Session 303: Smart Solar Energy Products and Applications Session 307: New Energy Car and Electric Vehicles
Session 304: Nuclear Energy, Fuel Supply and Waste Management Session 308: Wind Power Technology
Case: Smart Energy Applications
Case 1: Smart City Case 3: Smart Buildings/Smart Home
Case 2: Smart Energy Vehicles Case 4: Smart Park / Industries Park
Project : New Projects and Talents Matchmaking
Project 1: Internet Plus Smart Energy Project 5: Smart Energy Vehicles
Project 2: IoT for Smart Energy Project 6: Smart Wearable Devices
Project 3: Bigdata for Smart Energy Project 7: Energy Storage Technology and Material
Project 4: Smart Energy Materials Project 8: Smart Grid and Microgrid
Activity : Cultural and Social Activities
Activity 1: Welcome Banquet and Art Performance Activity 2: Industrial Sponsored Cocktail Party
Activity 3: Field Trip to Industrial Park/Corporation Activity 4: Wuxi Impression Tour
Smart Energy Management and Operation Dialogue
Posters and Exhibitions
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