BIT's 8th Annual World Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells - 2015
★ Program Committee

Hosting organization
BIT Congress Inc.
Foreign Experts Databank of SAFEA-Dalian Branch


Supporting Organization

Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology, Seoul National University

Executive Chair
Dr. Xiaodan Mei, President of BIT Congress Inc., China

SAB and Session Chairs
Dr. Antonio Apicella, Full Professor and Chair, Materials Science and Technology, Second University of Naples, Italy
Dr. Alain Chapel, Principal Investigator, Institute of Nuclear Safety and Radioprotection (IRSN), France
Dr. Ander Izeta, Head, Tissue Engineering Laboratory, Biodonostia Institute, Donostia University Hospital, Spain
Dr. Andrew Leask, Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Dr. Andreas Nussler, Professor, Eberhard-Karls University Tubingen, Germany
Dr. Andy Tan, Professor, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Dr. Bodo-Ekkehard Strauer, Professor, Heinrich-Heine-University, Germany
Dr. Bing Song, Professor, Cardiff University, UK
Dr. Chang Lu, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech, USA
Dr. Cheorl-Ho Kim, Professor, Molecular Glycobiology, Department of Biologial Science, College of Science, Sungkyunkwan UniversityDepartment of Biologial Science, Suwon, Korea
Dr. Dalia Cohen, CSO, Asterand Plc, USA
Dr. Dawn Driscoll, Principal, DCi Biotech, USA
Dr. Edda Tobiasch, Professor,Department of Natural Sciences, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Dr. Franz E. Weber, Professor, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Frederic F. Pio, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Dr. Giacomo Cao, Professor, Universita degli Studi di Cagliari, Italy
Dr. Gilson Khang, Professor, Chonbuk National University, South Korea
Dr. Gang Li, Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Dr. Gabor M. Rubanyi, CSO, Cardium Therapeutics Inc., USA
Dr. Greg Maguire, CEO, BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc., USA
Dr. Gustaaf Schoukens, Professor, Ghent University, Belgium
Dr. Julie G. Allickson, Vice President Laboratory Operations, Cryo-Cell International, Inc., USA
Dr. Jin Gao, Professor, Jamescook University, Australia
Dr. Jonathan M. W. Slack, Professor and Director, Stem Cell Institute, University of Minnesota, USA
Dr. Jishu Shi, Associate Professor, Kansas State University, USA
Dr. John Yu, Professor and Director, Institute of Stem Cell and Translational Cancer Research, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chang Gung University; Founder, Taiwan Society for Stem Cell Research, Taiwan
Dr. Kibret Mequanint, Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Dr. Kingston Mak, Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Dr. Kwang-Sup Soh, Professor Emeritus, Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology, Seoul National University, South Korea
Dr. Kumiko Saeki, Director, National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Japan
Dr. Makoto Asashima, Executive Director, Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan
Dr. Michel Levesque, President, NeuroGeneration, Inc., USA
Dr. Murugan Ramalingam, Professor, Universite de Strasbourg, France
Dr. Michel Spina, Professor, University of Padova, Italy
Dr. Meital Zilberman, Professor, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Dr. Nikolaos A. Papadopulos, Professor, Technical University Munich, Germany
Dr. Peter Dubruel, Professor, Ghent University, Belgium
Dr. Ralf Huss, Professor, apceth GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Dr. Senyon Choe, Professor, The Salk Institute, USA
Dr. Shing-Hwa Lu, Professor, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
Dr. Tetsuya Ishii, Associate Professor, Hokkaido University, Japan
Dr. Vijay Rawat, Professor, University of Ulm, Germany
Dr. Wolf-Dieter Grimm, Professor, University of Witten/Herdecke, Germany
Dr. Wenqing Xu, Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine, USA
Dr. Xian-Liang Tang, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Louisville, USA
Dr. Young-Ho Lee, Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, Hanyang University Medical Center, South Korea
Dr. Yu-Hui Tsai, Professor Emeritus, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

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Hosting Organization

BIT Congress Inc.
Foreign Experts Databank of SAFEA-Dalian Branch, China

Supporting Organizations

Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology, Seoul National University


Session Sponsor

Center for Anti-Aging Industry

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BIT World Travel Service, Inc.


Biological Industries Ltd. & GeneAll Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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