BIT' s 10th Anniversary of Protein & Peptide Conference (PepCon-2017)
★ Agenda
Event Schedule of BIT’s 10th Anniversary of Protein & Peptide Conference

Theme: Celebrations of Protein Innovators in Our Decade
Time: March 22-24, 2017
Venue: Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk, Fukuoka, Japan

Date & Time
March 21st
March 22nd
March 23rd
March 24th
Opening Ceremony
Keynote Forum
(ARGOS A & B, 1F)
Session 105(Hishi, 3F)
Session 106(Ran, 3F)
Session 107(Ran, 3F)
Session 108(Hishi, 3F)
Session 112(Kei, 3F)
Session 113(Ran, 3F)
Session 101(Kiku, 3F)
Session 102(Ran, 3F)
Session 103(Hishi, 3F)
Session 104(Hishi, 3F)

Session 109(Sakura, 3F)
Session 110(Ran, 3F)
Session 111(Koh, 3F)

Session 114(Ran, 3F)
Welcome Banquet

3F=3rd Floor
Session 101: Advanced Research of Protein Structure and Function
Session 102: Protein-based Cancer Immunotherapy
Session 103: Novel Peptide Structure and Functions
Session 104: Proteins-Dynamics, Stability, Aggregation, Metabolism and Degradation
Session 105: Protein-Protein, DNA/RNA-Protein Interactions
Session 106: Protein Trafficking, Modification, Signaling Transduction, Regulation, and Quality Control Session 107: Research and Applications of Therapeutic Antibodies and VaccinesSession 108: Novel Peptide Structure and Functions
Session 109: Disease Proteomics
Session 110: Friendly Tools for Proteins
Session 111: Novel Bioactive Peptides, Neuropeptide and Biomimetic Peptides
Session 112: New Peptides Drug Discovery
Session 113: Clinical Application of Protein
Session 114: Peptide Synthesisand Clinical Application of Protein

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