BIT' s 10th Anniversary of Protein & Peptide Conference (PepCon-2017)
★ Distinguished Speakers at Past PepCon Dr. Harold A. Scheraga, George W. and Grace L. Todd Professor of Chemistry, Cornell University, USA Dr. Robert Hodges, Professor, John Stewart Endowed Chair in Peptide Chemistry, USA Dr. Gilbert Omenn,
Leader of Human Plasma Proteome Project(HPPP), USA Dr. Samir Hanash, Professor, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA Dr. Mark Baker, Professor, Macquarie University, Australia Dr. Walter Neupert, Chairman of the EMBO Council, Germany Dr. A. Keith Dunker, Founder/Father of The Protein Trinity, USA Dr. Young-Ki Paik, President of HUPO, President of AOHUPO, South Korea,786902644&fm=15&gp=0.jpg Dr. Kaihua Wei,
Professor, Beijing Proteome Research Center, China Dr. Vadim T. Ivanov, Professor and Director, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia Dr. Gregg B. Fields, Distinguished Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center; President of APS, USA Dr. Paul Tempst, Professor and Director of Proteomics, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, USA Dr. Robert Kaptein, Professor, Utrecht University, The Netherlands Dr. Kazutoshi Mori,
2009 Canada Gairdner Award Recipient, Japan Dr. Marc Wilkins, University of New Professor South Wales, Australia Dr. Rolf G. Werner, Senior Vice President Strategic Biobusiness, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Germany Dr. Thomas Li,
Senior Director, Chief Technology Officer Roche Diagnostics, USA Dr. Wenyan David Shen, Executive Director and Head, Biologics Research and GlycoFi, Merck & Co., Inc., USA

Dr. Yanping Yang,
Director, Sanofi Pasteur Canada Limited, Canada

Dr. Suxia Li,
Senior Scientist and Director, Shanghai Yaxin Biotechnology Limited Company, China

Dr. Lian Li,
Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Pharmacology, Emory University, USA

Dr. Thomas Seewoester, Director, Process Development, Amgen Inc., USA Dr. Larry Gold,
Founder, CEO & Chairman, SomaLogic, Inc., USA Dr. Steven Bodovitz,
Co-Founder, BioPerspectives, USA Dr. Jack Henion, Chairman and CSO, Advion BioSciences, Inc. USA Dr. John W. Kozarich, Chairman and President of ActivX Biosciences, USA Dr. Waleed Danho, Distinguished Research Leader, Roche Inc., USA

Dr. Lixin Li, 
Professor, Northeast Forestry University, China

Dr. Rosita Gabbianelli, Associate Professor, The University of Camerino, Italy

Dr. Jing Zheng, 
Associate Professor, Northwestern University, USA Dr. Don W. Arnold, Founder and VP, Eksigent Technologies, USA Dr. Khurshid Iqbal,
Senior Vice President, Biopharmaceutical Development, Kbi Biopharma Inc, USA Dr. Lars Fogh Iversen, Vice President, Novo Nordisk, Denmark
Jose de Chastonay.png Dr. Jose de Chastonay,
Chief Marketing Officer, Bachem Holding AG, Switzerland
Xiaowu Liang.jpg Dr. Xiaowu Liang,
President & CEO, ImmPORT Therapeutics Inc.; dba Antigen Discovery Inc., USA
Matthew He.jpg Dr. Matthew He,
Professor, Nova Southeastern University, USA Dr. Suraiya Rasheed, 
Professor, Director, University of Southern California, USA Dr. Cheng-Chi Chang, Associate professor, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Dr. Dvorah Graeser,
CEO, Graeser Associates International Inc., USA
Dr. Alexander Archakov, 
Professor, Director, Vice-President, Moscow Medical Institute, Russia
Dr. Alex I. Smirnov,
Professor, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA
Dr. Ferenc Hudecz,
Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, President, European Peptide Society, Professor, Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary Dr. Liyun Zhang, 
Associate Professor, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Dr. Barbara McIntosh,
VP Sales & Marketing, BioDot Inc., USA Dr. Claire LOISON 
Researcher, CNRS, University of Lyon1, France
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