BIT's 9th Annual World Protein & Peptide Conference
★ Conference Feedback Survey
Dear ,
In order for better technology events of higher level, we as the organizer of the conference need your valuable advises and suggestions. We believe your participation in this survey will be essential to improve the quality of the meeting. We sincerely hope to receive your support and help through this questionnaire.
1. Which part of the conference do you expect to be adjusted next time?
A.Conference Program B. Program Order C. Conference Time D. Conference Venue E. No Adjustment is needed
We will appreciate if you could elaborate and specify your suggestions.
2. What are the most popular research directions in this field?
A.Protein Folding B. Protein-Protein Interactions C. Membrane Proteins D. Protein Engineering
E. Protein Biomakers F. Protein Analysis Technologies G. Bioactive Peptides H. Other
3. What is your ideal month for the conference next year?
A. Jan.-Feb. B. Mar.-Apr. C. May-Jun. D. Jul.-Aug. E. Sep.-Oct. F. Nov.-Dec.
4. What is your ideal venue for the conference next year?
A. Hong Kong B. Kyoto C. Singapore D. Seoul E. Bangkok F. Other
5. What is your expectation to participate in our conference?
A. learn Advanced Knowledge B. Hear Latest Findings C. Seek Cooperation D. Introduce Scientific Achievement
E. Other
If you choose “Other”, please provide your suggestions.
6. In which area are you more willing to participate in a meeting?
A. Asia B. Europe C. America D. Latin America E. Africa F. Oceania
7. Who in this field would you like to meet in the conference next time?
8. Do you intend to join the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)? If you join SAB, what kind of conference benefits do you expect out of it?
9. Would you like to be a Chair to organize a session?
10. What suggestions do you have on other aspects of the conference?
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