BIT's 10th Annual World Congress of Neurotalk-2019
★ Schedule
Event Schedule of Neurotalk-2019

Time: May 13-15, 2019

Venue: ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka, Japan

Date & Time May 12, 2019
Day 0
May 13, 2019
Day 1
May 14, 2019
Day 2
May 15, 2019
Day 3
08:30-12:00 Registration Opening Ceremony& Keynote Forum Session 2-2
Session 3-3
Session 4D
Session 4E
Session 5D
Session 5E
Session 5F
Session 6E
Session 6F
Session 6G
Session 6H
Session 7-1C
Session 7-1D
Session 7-2D
Session 7-2E
Session 7-2F
Session 8B
Session 9B
Session 11C
Session 11D
Session 2-4
Session 3-5
Session 4H
Session 4I
Session 5I
Session 5J
Session 6N
Session 6O
Session 6P
Session 6Q
Session 6R
Session 6S
Session 7-1G
Session 7-2I
Session 7-2J
Session 8D
Session 9D
Session 11G
Session 11H
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-17:30 Session 2-1
Session 3-1
Session 3-2
Session 4A
Session 4B
Session 4C
Session 5A
Session 5B
Session 5C
Session 6A
Session 6B
Session 6C
Session 6D
Session 7-1A
Session 7-1B
Session 7-2A
Session 7-2B
Session 7-2C
Session 8A
Session 9A
Stream 10
Session 11A
Session 11B
Session 2-3
Session 3-4
Session 4F
Session 4G
Session 5G
Session 5H
Session 6I
Session 6J
Session 6K
Session 6L
Session 6M
Session 7-1E
Session 7-1F
Session 7-2G
Session 7-2H
Session 8C
Session 9C
Session 11E
Session 11F
Session 3-6
Session 4J
Session 4K
Session 4L
Session 5K
Session 5L
Session 6T
Session 6U
Session 6V
Session 6W
Session 7-1H
Session 7-2K
Session 7-2L
Session 8E
Session 11I
Session 11J
17:30-18:00 Poster Showcase
18:00-20:00 Dinner Welcome Banquet Dinner Dinner


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