BIT's 9th Annual World Congress of Neurotalk-2018

Highlights of the Conference

● 300+ Attendees Coming from All over the World to Exchange Ideas, Build New Networks, and Foster Friendships
● 200+ Oral Presentations Covering the Hot Topics and Cutting-edge Technology in the Field of Neuroscience
● Cutting-edge Keynote Addresses by Prominent Leaders from All over the World
● Disseminate your project, present your activities and meet partners for future collaboration at the Neurotalk-2018

About Neurotalk-2018

Neurotalk 2018 is a science and education event which brings together neuroscientists, neurologists and neurosurgeons from around the globe gather to exchange ideas and debut cutting-edge research and therapy-oriented technologies in the key areas of clinical neurology, provides participating scientists and clinicians with a unique networking platform. Neurotalk 2018 enables presenters and delegates to enjoy the state of the art oral and poster presentations covering the in-depth findings and the extraordinary advances on the treatment of injuries and illnesses affecting the brain, spine and nervous system.

Programmed Chapters at a Glance
Opening Ceremony & Keynote Forum
Stream 1: Frontiers in Neuroscience & Neurology Stream 2: Novel Neurotechnologies Stream 3: Translational and Clinical Neuroscience
Stream 4: Promising Neurotherapeutics and Neurorehabilitation Stream 5: Neuro-nursing and Neuro-education Stream 6: Young Scientists Forum
Past Renowned Speakers
说明: Dr. Clay M. Armstrong, Winner of the 1999 Lasker Basic Medical Research Award, USA 说明: Dr. Dick F. Swaab, Professor, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, The Netherlands 说明: Dr. Zang-Hee Cho,
Distinguished Research Fellow, Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology (AICT), Seoul National University, South Korea
说明: Nick Rawlins.jpg Dr. Nick Rawlins,
Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford, UK
说明: 鞠躬.jpg Dr. Gong Ju, Director, The Fourth Military Medical University, China 说明: Dr. Maryse Lassonde, Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, Professor Emeritus, University of Montreal, Canada
说明: Dr. Yang D. Teng
Professor & Director, Laboratory of SCI & Stem Cell Biology Research, Harvard Medical School, USA 
说明: Dr. Amir Kalali, Vice President & Head, Neuroscience Center of Excellence, Quintiles, USA 说明: Dr. Gerhard Litscher,
Professor, Medical University of Graz, President, ISLA (Science and Research), German Vice-President of the DCFG-TCM, Austria
说明: Dr. Pierre Paul Vidal, Director, CESeM (Centre d'Etude de la Sensorimotricité), UMR 8194 CNRS, France 说明: Dr. Shichuo Li, 
President, China Association Against Epilepsy, China
说明: Dr. Aike Guo, Professor, Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of
Sciences, China
说明: Dr. Jianqun Yan,Vice President, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China 说明: Dr. Nobutaka Hirokawa, Professor and Chairman, University of Tokyo, Japan 说明: H. Mattson.jpg Dr. Richard H. Mattson, Professor and Director Emeritus, Yale Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, Yale University School of Medicine, USA
说明: Dr. Christine Petit, Professor, College de France (Chair of Genetics and Cellular Physiology); Professor, Institut Pasteur, France 说明: R. Moller.jpg Dr. Aage R. Moller, Professor, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA 说明: moxon-karen.jpg Dr. Karen Moxon, Professor, University of California, Davis, USA
说明: gutkowska_jolanta.jpg Dr. Jolanta Gutkowska, Professor, McGill University, Universite do Montreal, Canada 说明: th.jpg Dr. Shulan Hsieh, Professor and Chair, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, 说明: Haybaeck.jpg Dr. Johannes Haybaeck, Professor, Department of Pathology, Medical University of Graz, Austria
说明: Lavano.jpg Dr. Angelo Lavano, Full Professor, Università di Catanzaro - Magna Graecia, Italy 说明: Tisnado.jpg Dr. Jaime Tisnado, Professor, MCV Hospitals/VCU Medical Center, USA 说明: Gaudet.jpg Dr. Laura Gaudet, Professor & Chair, Chadron State College, USA
说明: Wu.jpg Dr. Ping Wu, Professor, Universtity of Texas Medical Branch, USA 说明: Yi-Chung Pai.jpg Dr. Clive Yi-Chung Pai, Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA 说明: T. JURKOWSKI.jpg Dr. Elaine T. Jurkowski, Interim Director and Professor, Southern Illinois University, USA
说明: Dr. Orly Lazarov, Professor, The University of Illinois at Chicago, USA 说明: Firsching.jpg Dr. Raimund Firsching, Professor, Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg, Germany 说明: Dr. Syed Raza, Consultant Cardiologist, Awali Hospital, Bahrain
说明: Salt.png Dr. Tom Salt, Professor,
UCL Institute of Ophthalmology,
说明: Dr. Urs Ribary
Professor and Endowed BC LEEF Leadership Chair, Simon Fraser University, Canada
说明: Brent Solvason.jpg Dr. Hugh Brent Solvason, Associate Professor, Stanford University, USA
Previous Event Report
Conference Report of Neurotalk-2017

BIT's 8th Annual World Congress of NeuroTalk-2017 was held during May 22-24, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. More than 200 participants from over 32 countries and regions shared the details of their research during the sections. It was sure to announce it gained a great success and obtained highly focus and extensive attention around the globe. We appreciate the contribution of all the speakers, who have conveyed their latest results in the conference.

As the keynote speakers, Dr. Christine Petit, Professor, College de France (Chair of Genetics and Cellular Physiology); Professor, Institut Pasteur, France; Dr. Karen Moxon, Professor, University of California, Davis, USA; Dr. Shulan Hsieh, Professor and Chair, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan; Dr. Aage R. Møller, Founders Professor, Chairman, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA; Dr. Achim Kless, Scientific Director, Grunenthal GmbH, Germany made excellent presentations and warmly discussed with the audiences at keynote forum.

NeuroTalk-2017 included 24 sections. Participants involved in Neuroscience and Neurobiology, Advanced Neurotechnologies, Neurosurgery, Medical Research, Diagnostics, Therapeutics of Major Neurological Disorders, etc. all shared their new achievements in the research with the others. All the speakers and visitors, who are from laboratory, institute, association, international famous enterprises, advisory body and government department etc well communicated with each other in the conference.

Depending on the warmly support and good suggestions from all of the participants, we are confident in organizing NeuroTalk-2018 which would be better and more successful than NeuroTalk-2017!

News Released

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