BIT’s 8th Annual Low Carbon Green Growth Earth Summit
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Welcome to the Low Carbon Green Growth Earth Summit 2018
In terms of intellectual stimulus we are delighted to present to you an impressive list of high profile key-notes that will guide us through this year’s conference topic Toward a Ecological City: Transformative Technologies and Trends. Bringing regulatory tools to play in harmony with each other is doubtlessly one of the important challenges in achieving regulatory and policy objectives in our rapidly changing times.
The destination city, Yinchuan, is the capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China, and former capital of the Western Xia Empire of the Tanguts. The name of the city literally means "silver river". Facing the Yellow River in the east, Yinchuan enjoys beautiful natural scenery and favorable conditions for agriculture and has long earned the fame of a "River Side City in the Northwest" and "Home to Fishes and Rice". Yinchuan is now the permanent site for China-Arab Expo which is an international platform for cultural and economic exchanges between China and Arab countries.
See You in Yinchuan, Ningxia!
We Offer Partners and Stakeholders:
  • • The opportunity to explore green business ventures and political opportunities in a direct, informal interchange with key political and economic leaders and experts committed to the agenda of inclusive green growth.
  • • The opportunity to get involved in emerging and existing partnerships with a potential to bring scale and speed to a green transformation of industries, sectors and markets.
  • • Cutting edge knowledge development and inspiration from peers on how to develop and promote public-private cooperation for inclusive green growth.
Nobel Prize Laureate
George F. Smoot.jpg
Dr. George F. Smoot
Professor, University of California, Berkeley, USA 
The Nobel Prize in Physics, 2006
Program at a Glance
Part 1: Main Conference
Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speeches and Plenary Lectures
High-end Dialogue
Part 2: Scientific Symposia
Symposium 1: World Low Carbon Economy and Green Growth
Symposium 2: Low Carbon Technologies
Symposium 3: Novel Environmental Technology
Symposium 4: Clean Energy Technology
Symposium 5: Ecology and Ecosystems Management
Part 3: Business Events
Event 1: Project Road Show and Low Carbon Investment
Event 2: Low Carbon City Briefing
Event 3: Low Carbon Park Briefing
Event 4: Low Carbon Posters and Exhibition
Part 4: Social and Cultural Activities
Activity 1: Welcome Banquet
Activity 2: Lecture Tours to Campus
Activity 3: Field Trip to Industrial Park and Companies
Activity 4: Industrial Sponsored Cocktail Party
Activity 5: Culture Tour in Ningxia
Introduction to Ningxia

Located on the central axis of China, Ningxia is an ideal place for inhabitation. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Ningxia Hui Autonomous regions. It used to be an important station along the ancient Silk Road and is designated by the central government as an opening-up pilot economic zone in inland China. As a distinctive tourist destination in West China, the Liupan Mountain and Helan Mountain are popular all over China; while the Shapoto Scenic Spot and Sand Lake have been recommended as the best tourist destinations in China several times. The capital city, Yinchuan, tops Northwestern Chinese cities in air quality and “Ningxia Blue” has been praised by all sectors of the society. Yinchuan is not only the political, economic, and cultural center of the region, but also a famous historical and cultural city.

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