BIT’s 6th Annual World Congress of InfoTech-2019
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Forum 14: Smart Cities and Towns (Part 3)

Time: 13:30-18:00, May 11, 2019 (Saturday); Place: Knowledge Room, 5th Floor


Dr. Joanna Paliszkiewicz, Professor, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland


Mr. Mika Hakosalo, Site Manager, City of Stockholm, Sweden


Chair’s Introduction


Title: Keihanna Innovation Ecosystem: Global Collaboration Networks for a Novel Human-Centric Smart City Creation


Dr. Hiroyuki Suzuki, Executive Vice President, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR), Japan


Title: A New Beginning for Smart City, from Planning to Executing


Mr. Henry Yan, Associate Research Director, IDC, China


Title: New Trends in E-Commerce in European Union Countries


Dr. Joanna Paliszkiewicz, Professor, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland


Title: A Train-to-Ground High-Speed Free Space Optical (FSO) Communication System


Mr. Tairan Zhang, Engineer, CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co. LTD, China


Coffee Break


Title: Experience of Constructing a Smart Sustainable City Stockholm


Mr. Mika Hakosalo, Site Manager, City of Stockholm, Sweden


Title: Creating Future Cities: Challenges and Opportunities


Mr. Sein-Way Tan, Chairman and CEO, Green World, Australia


Title: Smart and Digital City: A survey and Its Applications


Dr. Deepak Kumar Jain, Assistant Professor, Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunications, China


Title: Role of Advanced Sensing: Smart Cities


Dr. Srinivasapriyan Vijayan, Researcher, National Center for Nano science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Title: Benefits for a Smart City to Measure the Progress of an Active Transportation Policy


Mr. Jean-Francois Rheault, VP International Operations, Eco-Counter, Canada


Title: Leveraging Smart City Transformation for Improvements in Economic Development, Public Health, and Government Operations


Mr. Eugene W. Grant, Mayor, City of Seat Pleasant, USA



BIT’s 6th Annual World Congress of InfoTech-2019


Venue: Holiday Inn – Nanjing Qinhuai South (HINQS), Nanjing, China

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