BIT’s 6th Annual World Congress of Emerging InfoTech-2019
Following the success of organizing WCEIT conference for the past several years, WCEIT-2019 will continue to provide a platform for scientists, researchers, industrial experts worldwide to share technological advancements and business experiences, and pushed forward the information technology development, as well as build up research and business relations, find global partners for future collaboration. During the 3 days conference, a serious of activities such as Scientific Program, Exhibitions, Posters and Project Matchmaking etc. will be set up.

Submissions must arrive before May 30th. The final decision about the manner of presentation of the...

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Block 1: Leadership Forums on Network and Digital Economy  
Block 2: Tech Hub
-Great Innovation Today, Big Fortune Tomorrow  
Block 3: Industrial Nexus
-Translational Cutting-edge Technologies into Commercialization
Block 4: Hundred Overseas Talent and Project Pool
-100+ Overseas Doctoral Innovators and Entrepreneurs into Nanjing
Block 5: Training Center and Workshops
Block 6: Business Pavilion and Aurora
-New World of Robust Information Flow
Emerging InfoTech conference has been held in Dalian, Shenzhen,Qingdao, China Over 1000world-renowned experts, professors, laboratory principals, project leaders and representatives of well-known enterprisesfrom 30 countries and areas attended the conference and presented their brilliant speeches on information technology field.After the conference we received a lot feedback and kind suggestions from our delegates. And we are confident in organizing 2019 conference.

Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province in East China, running through the city are lower reaches of the Yangtze River whose estuary is not far away. Nanjing enjoys a civilization of over 6000 years and the city itself was founded 2500 years ago.As one of the Four Ancient Capitals, Nanjing is a vital cradle of Chinese civilization and over a long stretch of time, it has been the political and cultural pivot of South China, thus dubbed as the Capital of Ten Ancient Dynasties, rich in both cultural heritage and historical relics.

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