BIT's 3rd High-Tech Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Congress-2016
★ Poster

Session. 1 Date of Exhibit: November 16th-18th, 2016

During the first annual world congress of modern Chinese medicine, there will an exhibition of posters and the abstracts of accepted posters publish in the conference program. The exhibition, themed” Breaking Research in Modern Chinese Medicine” serves as a sharing-platform to promote academic communication of TCM between the specialists, medical institutions and other relevant enterprises. Moreover, the key of abstracts will focus on the innovative technology and products; it will enhance the international cooperation as well as other activities in connection with the development of TCM.


Session. 2 Poster Introduction: Guidelines

1.) Regular poster size is 70cm( wide) * 90cm( high)
2.) The text should be readable by visitors, standing 1.5 meters away from the poster
3.) All accepted posters will be presented during the post viewing session.
4.) Materials to hang your poster will be available at the poster area; you will receive your poster number 4-6 weeks prior to the conference.


Session. 3 Poster Abstracts format

1.) You are invited to submit a poster abstract on one of the themes from the conference for presentation in poster format
2.) You will be notified if your abstract has been accepted for poster presentation as soon as it has been reviewed by the organizing committee.
3.) Title in block capital letters
4.) Authors and principal affiliations, presenting author should be named first
5.) Abstract text, no more than 500 words. You may include the objectives, methods, results and conclusions.
6.) The presenter should prepare some copies of their paper with a business card to be distributed to interested participants.
7.) Abstracts should be submitted online by XXXXXX ( 不确定日期,负责人)
8.) A list of references is optional( no more than 5)


Session. 4 the themes of exhibition

1.) Breaking Research on TCM Modernization: System Biology, System Pharmacology and TCM、TCM Physiology, Pathology, and Toxicology、Chemical Biology and TCM、Synthetic Biology for TCM、Clinical Research on TCM、Epigentics in TCM pharmacy、Standardization of TCM、TCK Phytochemistry and Natural Drugs etc.
2.) Comparative Oriental Medicine: Comparative Research on Chinese, Japan and Korea Traditional Medicine、Tibet Medicine、Qigong, Graniosacral Therapy and Yoga、Ethnomedicine, Folk Remedies and Indigenous Medicine、Taoism Medicine 、Creative Mind-Body Therapy etc.
3.) Science of Meridian
4.) Modern Chinese Medicine in Human Key diseases
5.) Integrated Therapy of TCM: Meditation、Herbal Medicines、Tuina Message and Chiropractice. Acupuncture and Moxibustion 、Taiji &Qigong、Mind Therapy and More.
6.) Bioactive Compounds and Fraction Discovery from Natural Products
7.) TCM Drug Discovery
8.) Emerging Technology in TCM Drug Discovery


Session. 5 The posters will include:

1)、The Innovative Technology and Products of TCM
2)、The latest Academic Writings
3)、The Projects Seek for International Cooperation and Business Partners
4)、The Introduction of The Research Projects, Research status, Research idea, Method and Framework
5)、Recruiting information Releasing


Remark: For Poster Registration Only

1. If you are planning to attend our conference, the poster exhibition fee is separate from the registration fee for the rest of the conference events.
2. The abstract of the poster will be included in the proceedings of the conference and we will provide space for poster exhibition. Please print the poster prior to your arrival.
 3. If you are not attending the conference, the abstract of your poster will be included in the proceedings of the conference. We will provide space for poster exhibition, and print the poster.
4.  Due to limited space -please book your place in advance.


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